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Do the Right Thing (Accountant Edition)

I'm not ready for the next Presidential election. I probably said the same thing 4 years ago. 

I managed to survive that election and unless all five of Mike Huckabee's supporters trample me to death, I'll survive this one.

The other possibility is that Donald Trump's accountants took affront to my appeal to their altruism, they hunt me down and force me to watch Celebrity Apprentice on a loop via the Ludovico technique which would, without a doubt, have me begging for mercy.

Atoning for the misdeed of overstating Donald Trump's wealth and ego will not be easy, but I think the best solution is for all the accountants involved to abandon their posts and dedicate the rest of their lives to Accountants Without Borders. 

What's that you say? Accountants Without Borders isn't real?

Oh, that's fine, neither is Trump's campaign; so either way, they'd be supporting a farce.