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Do CPA Exam Scores Ever Expire?

Need a pep talk before you pick up the phone and call your state board of accountancy? Feeling lost in a sea of MCQ? Just want to talk? I'm here; let's get through it together.

If I passed all the CPA exams as of July 2010, but have yet to receive my CPA license (needed a year of experience, in which I obtained by Oct. 2011 and then procrastinated with the applications)… do my exams have an expiration date?

For purposes of this particular question, it's worth noting the candidate is applying to be licensed in New York. Every jurisdiction is different so the important thing here is to contact your state board directly and ask if you do not know the rules in your state.

So, because I'm such a nice person and had nothing else to do, I called up the NY board and asked if your CPA exam scores expire.

I was told in no uncertain terms that you have forever, basically. Drag your feet too long – like 10 years, not 2 – and you'll have to take some CPE to "refresh" your scores but you will not have to sit for the CPA exam again. The amount of CPE units you would need is determined on a case-by-case basis. The same is true in California but I believe that kicks in at 5 years. Either way, you do not actually lose your scores, you just have to prove that you still know all the stuff.

Some states only give you a certain number of years period, after which you will have to sit for the CPA exam again but lucky for you, NY is not one of them. Hope that helps!