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Disgraced Ex-PwC CEO Tom Seymour Finally Shows His Face in Public

Anonymous man with head covered with paper bag opening hands in yellow studio isolated background

Don’t know why but this article is hilarious, it feels way more TMZ than you ever expect an article about disgraced former professional services leaders to be. The Australian has informed the world that scandal-plagued ex-PwC CEO Tom Seymour was spotted in public three days after the firm announced he would be retiring on September 30th.

screenshot of an article about Tom Seymour from The Australian

It appears he is wearing a hoodie from Deer Valley Ski Resort in Park City, Utah.

The Google tells me Bunnings is like Home Depot, just without the bright orange safety aprons, so it can be safely assumed that he’s working on some kind of DIY home improvement. If anyone would care to analyze the photo, knock yourself out.

And before you ask, yes it is a slow news day.

See Australian Financial Review for actual news about Seymour’s exit from PwC and the firm’s tax leak scandal.

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