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Deloitte Tax Professionals Being Asked for a Little Extra Effort in the New Year

Employees at Deloitte are still wishing each other a happy new (fiscal) year, so many are getting amped for merit increase and bonus discussions. However, while you're attempting to rehash all your accomplishments from last year, tax leadership is already looking forward to next FY13, and how you will make this the best (read: chargeabilitiest) year ever!

To all U.S. Central Region Tax Senior Managers, Managers, Seniors, and Consultants,
First of all, thank you for all of your hard work in FY12.  We truly appreciate the effort you put forth and your commitment to our practice.
The new fiscal year has begun and the purpose of this memo is to communicate your client service hour goal minimums for FY13.  Client service hours are an important measure of profitability and operational effectiveness for both the practice and the individual. To promote sharing of resources across offices and service lines, and to align with our operating plan, all annual client service hour goals will be consistent within each level across Central Tax.  In some cases these goals may be higher than prior year annual goals, but they are in line with prior year actual results.  It is our expectation to continue to manage to the 2,400 annual total hour goal, meaning the other hours are available for you to spend on training, mentoring, marketing, recruiting, PTO, holidays, etc.  To achieve these chargeable hour goals, it is imperative that all chargeable time worked is captured in our time reporting system.
FY13 annual client service hour goal minimums for U.S. Central Tax Professionals are listed below (USI goals will be communicated under separate cover).  Your service line leader may provide additional guidance specific to your group.  Additional information regarding goal distribution by period is forthcoming.  Goals will be adjusted for reduced workloads and other unique situations.
Senior Manager   1,600
Manager              1,700
Senior                  1,800
Consultant I & II   1,800
Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication throughout the year!
To put this in context, Managers and below will only be expected to charge an extra week of work to clients (i.e. 50 hours), per our tipster's email. However, Senior Managers that will have the little extra adjustment, as their client service hour goal minimum for FY12 was 1,450. Maybe shifting a month's worth of hours is NBD for SMs, but as the email says, these hours "are an important measure of profitability and operational effectiveness," so someone will definitely be paying attention to anyone that doesn't get the memo. Charge it up!