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Dear Richmond Fed, What Were You Thinking?!

stupid.jpgGoing Concern’s own Jr Deputy Accountant did a pretty interesting piece this week via the Mortgage Lender Implode-o-Meter (which brought us such fabulous bloggers as Option ARMageddon – now at Reuters – and Mandelman Matters) that might be of interest to GC readers, at least those with a lawyer bent.
Can anyone tell me what Richmond Fed was thinking?! Anyone? Please?
Anyway. Just a reminder, GC did LandAmerica long ago.

How did LandAm’s Gluck end up at the Richmond Fed?

“With her broad range of leadership experience and extensive legal expertise, I know she’ll make great contributions to the Bank and to the Federal Reserve System,” said Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker in July of the Fifth District’s new Legal Counsel Michelle Gluck. It leads one to wonder how thoroughly Lacker was briefed on Gluck’s sordid history at Richmond-based LandAmerica Financial Group previous to his statement. I still can’t understand why the Bank would hire her, maybe by the time I’m done with this I will.

For the not-so-quick background on Gluck and both previous and current employers, do check out LandAmerica: The final days appeared like a Ponzi scheme, The Good, the Bad, and the Less Bad for Richmond Fed and her bio that still sits on the LandAm web site:

“Executive Vice President – Chief Legal Officer Michelle has more than 20 years of experience in the legal profession. As General Counsel, she contributes sound legal reasoning and practical insights into legal issues facing LandAmerica. As Corporate Secretary, she oversees the governance of our Board of Directors. Michelle joined LandAmerica in 2003 after serving Kmart Corporation as VP – Associate General Counsel & Assistant Secretary. She holds a juris doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School and a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Michigan, where she graduated with honors.”
This Tuesday is the deadline for LandAmerica 1031 exchange victims (LES – dubbed exchangers amongst themselves) to accept pennies on the dollar for funds lost in LandAm’s bankruptcy proceedings. It is suspected that many Exchangers will vote for the plan, which guarantees at least some monies returned to victims instead of an excruciating court battle that many of LandAm’s unsecured creditors simply cannot afford.

For the rest of Michelle Gluck’s not-so-pretty resume and more musings on WTF Richmond Fed was thinking, head over to the Implode-o-Meter for the rest. I warn you, it’s ugly. Financial terrorism never is pretty you know.