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Crowe Horwath Is Amped for International Fraud Awareness Week

Crowe_Horwath_2c_lo.jpgWhat? Your firm hasn’t reminded you that November 8 – 14 is International Fraud Awareness Week? Shameful. Lucky for you, Crowe Horwath is all over this.
Crowe is offering tips to its clients “on how companies can help turn their own personnel into their best fraud preventers and fraud detectors” because they are sick and tired of being the ones finding all of it.
Here’s a taste of their ideas:
Know who you hire &ndash Avoid guys in tracksuits and with short attention spans.
Create an ownership environment &ndash That stapler? It’s yours.
Keep employees informed &ndash Emails about the latest dead-end marriage in the office do not count.
Establish sound internal controls &ndash Unless you don’t have to.
Implement checks and balances &ndash Again, optional.
While we admire Crowe’s attempt to get proactive, we’re concerned that, inevitably, the “Army of Fraudbusters” will start using their newly acquired fraud detection skills for outing their office enemies for petty crimes such as leaving food in the fridge, ass-photo copying and the like.
Create An Army of Fraudbusters Within Your Organization [Press Release]