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Crony Links: Getting Over Networking Anxiety, Firing a Client, Wayne Rooney’s Salary, Spotting Liars

Here are a few offerings from other Sift sites that you might enjoy reading. Or not, whatever. We know some of you are just here for the horoscopes and scuttlebutt.

AccountingWeb Allan Boress explains how he overcame his shyness and networking anxietyJason Bramwell has a nice roundup of statements from special interests, corporations and politicans on Rep. Dave Camp's tax reform proposal; Rita Keller reminds everyone to take a break this busy season.

The Queen's AccountingWeb Learn five ways to get rid of a client; kicking around Wayne Rooney's salary ; the European Commission cancels a contract with Mazars and the ICAEW.

HRZone Getting fired is never personal, right?   

TrainingZone How to spot liars and do you have doom goblins at your firm? Yes, doom goblins.