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Creepy Kid-Touching CPA Loses His License For Said Kid Touching

Why does Colin always assign me these creeper stories? Oh well.

I don't know about anyone else but reading this gave me the creeps. Maybe because we had two creepy neighbors trying to mack on me when I was a nubile young middle schooler, though the one who drove a Camaro was pretty cool to me at the time in his neon Zubaz pants. But enough about me and my creep bait.

More than two years after Stuart Goldberg pleaded guilty to child endangerment for inappropriately touching a 12-year-old girl at his Main Street toy store, state officials have suspended his accounting license and given him a heftier fine than he received in his criminal case.

The state Board of Regents indefinitely suspended the public accounting license of the 57-year-old owner of Head 2 Head Sports & Games and fined him $2,500, saying in a disciplinary report by the Regents Review Committee that Goldberg’s sentence in village court, which did not include jail time, was “relatively light.”

Let's see… 12-year-old… toy store… creepy CPA. Kid-touching may not be covered in the ethics exam but come on, that should be a given.

Goldberg was sentenced in 2010 and got off (no pun intended1) with a $750 fine and a misdemeanor, as well as court-ordered treatment but no jail time. Earlier in the year, he led the girl by the wrist to the back of the store where he kissed her neck, face and mouth. Gross.

The state Board of Regents report was concerned that Goldberg might have access to kids should he head to clients' homes to work on maximizing their child tax credits and called the crime "unworthy of a licensed professional in this state."

Goldberg – who has been licensed since 1986 – can possibly get his license back if a mental health professional deems him "psychologically fit to practice."

I think the very best part of this is Head 2 Head Games' description on Patch:

With toys, board games, stuffed animals, sports memorabilia, magic kits, Japanese erasers, candy and more, Head 2 Head is heaven for kids of all ages. Located on the center of Main Street in Ivington [sic], it's hard to miss this store's red awning, and once the kids are inside, it is difficult to coax them to leave.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go take a shower to scrub the heebie-jeebies off.

1 Ed. note: Puns are always intended.