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A Creepy Dating App Apparently Cruised LinkedIn to Make You Think Your Colleague Wants You

This is, um, awkward. Even folks who make office romances as regular as 10 minutes in the can after the morning coffee might find this creepy. It's creepy.

Kash Hill has the story at Forbes:

Last month, many people received an email from a dating app called Sway letting them know that a co-worker had a crush on them. The come-on was uncomfortable for some of them. “I’ve been feeling bothered by the possibility that one of my co-workers sent me an unwelcome advance,” said one married recipient. But it was an unwelcome advance of a different variety. It appears that Los Angeles-based Sway got a hold of people’s work information, from LinkedIn , and email addresses — from coding platform GitHub in many cases — and then started emailing them this form email in a desperate attempt to capture users for their platform.

It goes without saying that you should be skeptical of emails from strange apps saying your co-worker has a crush on you — it's the digital equivalent of the trusty "do you like me check; yes or no" note in elementary school. Except in elementary school, making unwanted advances wouldn't earn you a few hours of in-house harrassment training.

Beware. Your co-worker probably doesn't even like you enough to mention you in their farewell email, let alone bang you.