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Here’s Your Open Thread For the Second CPA Exam Score Release of Q1 2019

It’s February 25 and you know what that means. Well, you know what that means if you sat for the CPA exam between January 21 and February 14 — score release day tomorrow!

As promised, the AICPA has accelerated the score release process for 2019, so we’ve got two more score releases this quarter after this one. It’s just like good ole times, eh?

Despite the fact that The Powers That Be are able to turn scores around in an impressive week and a half, we’re sure there will be some complaining, probably because some state board lost power this weekend or some lowly IT guy forgot to update the database on Sunday and screwed everything up. If you do have complaints about the score release process, please be sure to complain as loudly and publicly as possible so we can share with the class.

Good luck everyone, even though we know luck has absolutely nothing to do with it. And for those of you who get bad news tomorrow, you might want to bookmark this; it’s old, like me, but also like me has decent advice from time to time.