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Congratulations Are in Order For Andrew Ngai, the World’s Most Excel-lent Excel User

Microsoft Excel World Championships winner Andrew Ngai getting trophy

In case you missed this year’s Microsoft Excel World Championships, the sporting event of the year for spreadsheet wizards everywhere, the king of Excel has been crowned. For the third year in a row, Andrew Ngai wiped the floor with the competition to take the top spot as GOAT in the rows and columns.


We’ve written about Mr. Ngai before, two years ago when he took the crown the first time in 2021. Due to extreme editorial oversight we neglected to congratulate him when he won again in 2022. But who cares about getting recognition on some stupid accounting blog when you just made $15,000 for being best in the world at Excel.

Ngai has 13 years of experience as an actuary in Australia and used to be a consultant at PwC. Along with his two (now three) Excel championship wins, he was Financial Modeling World Champion in 2019.

This year’s win was almost taken from him not because anyone is better than him but due to an unexplained glitch. Reports The Guardian:

There was a moment in the semi-final of the Microsoft Excel world championship when Andrew “the Annihilator” Ngai thought he had been eliminated.

With the clock ticking and the Las Vegas audience on the edge of their seats, the two-time spreadsheet world champion started “furiously checking” his answers. Had he made a rounding error? Were his decimal places off?

Stressed and doubting himself, Ngai decided it wasn’t his night. Michael “the Jarman Army” Jarman from the UK or Peter Sharl – no nickname – from the US looked set to win. But Ngai had no reason to worry.

“For some unknown reason there was a mismatch between the scoresheet and the live stream,” he tells Guardian Australia from the US. “No one really knows why but it got out of sync.”

The glitch was fixed, the scoreboard corrected and the 36-year-old from Sydney stormed to victory on Saturday night, becoming the triple world champion in data processing.

Cue the roar of the crowd here.

If you’ve got three hours, thirteen minutes, and fifty-four seconds to spare, watch this:

Maybe we need to see about getting a press pass to the 2024 championship…

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