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City Government Interview

I have an interview with a governmental entity coming up for a Senior Accountant position, and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips to improve my interviewing skills for their oral board examination. I interviewed with this entity before for a lower level position, and while I thought the interview went well, I did not get an offer. From my previous experience, their interviews are a good mix of technical and behavioral questions.

A little background on me: An audit senior in public accounting, 4 yrs experience, licensed, and my niche industry is governmental. Our firm does all the major governments in my state, and, while the entity I’m interviewing for isn’t a client, we’re pretty well known as the governmental niche firm in our area.

I fully understand that internal candidates will probably take priority, even if they're not licensed and don't have the same experience as me, I just wanna be sure I put my best foot forward for this interview.


Why I want the job: better pay, 4 day work week, pension, benefits…need I say more? Oh and the whole giving back to my community/public service thing too i guess.