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Chris Christie: Friend or Foe to CPAs?

For reasons unfathomable, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is running for president. Apparently, one loud-mouthed Republican from the tri-state area wasn't enough for this race.

Anyhoo, Greg Kyte pointed us to this video of Jon Stewart welcoming Christie to the race in true Daily Show fashion, noting a strange comment from the Governor around the 5:25 mark:

You heard right! "We need a tax code that's simplified and will put CPAs like my dad out of business."

Alright, so wanting to put your dad and his professional brethren out of business is an odd platform, but something may be amiss, as Greg noticed that the speech transcript doesn't match Christie's words:

We need a tax system. We need a tax system that's simplified and won't put CPA's like my dad out of business.

Despite the confusion, I think we can all agree on a few things:
1) A simplified tax system in our country is about as likely as Chris Christie taking responsibility for the GW Bridge closings;

2) In the highly unlikely event that a simplified tax code is enacted by our government, it won't put CPAs out of business;

3) Chris Christie isn't going to be president.

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Image: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia Commons