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As CGAs, CAs and CMAs in Canada Join Together Under the CPA, an Awkward Video to Celebrate

If you aren't aware, they're doing a little remixing of credentials up there in Canada, so naturally they did an actual remix to hammer the point home before everything becomes official across the country. Note the Canadian CPA — or Chartered Professional Accountant — is not to be confused with the American CPA. Hopefully it doesn't cause any issues like that time the CGA got mad at some guys with CGMA titles for almost pretending to be CGAs (or something).

Are we all clear now? Good, on to the video. The cringe-worthy, frightening, embarrassing video.

Ladies and gentlemen, "What Did the Accountant Say?"

Oh dear. What the…?

Had to love this comment on the video:

Justin Vaughan

Rule 211.1 requires me to report a breach of the Professional Rules Of Conduct. After watching the above video, I have noted two breaches.  Both were violated by the advertising department of the CPA Institute.

201.1 A member, student or licensed firm  shall act at all times in a manner which will maintain the good reputation of the profession and its ability to serve the public interest. BREACH

217.1 A member or licensed firm may advertise or seek publicity for the member’s or licensed firm's services, achievements or products and may seek to obtain new engagements and clients by various means, but shall not do so directly or indirectly, in any manner
(a) which the member or licensed firm knows, or should know, is false or misleading, or which includes a statement the contents of which the member or licensed firm cannot substantiate;
(b) which makes unfavourable reflections on the competence or integrity of the profession or any member or licensed firm; or BREACH
(c) which otherwise brings disrepute on the profession. BREACH