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CFO of the Week: Chen Tang

CFO_insider.jpgNot to mention father of the year and buddy for life.
Chen Tang, a former CFO of a private equity fund in San Francisco, is being accused of running an insider trading ring that includes friends, relatives, and his two daughters, aged 9 and 11.
Allegedly the ring made off with $8 million trading on non-public information related to Tempuc-pedic International, Inc. and Acxiom Corporation.
Tang’s daughters are considered relief defendants, as trades were carried out in brokerage accounts opened in their names. Personally we’d like to see them charged as the masterminds in this case but nothing in the complaint indicates that they knew anything about the scam.
The SEC stays on a roll with this latest bust, however this is the first case that we’ve heard of that includes minors (but still probably have maturity levels that are above Mark Cuban’s). The SEC obviously has to maintain the blind justice concept, so no mercy will be shown on the two pre-teens who probably spent the money on Miley Cyrus tickets.
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