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CFO May Have Considered Reenacting a Scene from The Untouchables

Mark Oleksik, CFO of Talos Partners has enthusiams:

On April 30, Oleksik was in a business meeting with the CEO of Talos Partners, and a member of the board of directors at the company’s office at 175 South Main St., according to court records. Oleksik didn’t like the way the conversation was going between him and the CEO of the company, so he abruptly got up and stormed out of the conference room, court records state. The CEO saw Oleksik jump out of his chair and leave the room while slamming the door behind him. A few seconds later Oleksik returned holding a full-sized baseball bat over his shoulder with both hands, court records state. The CEO said Oleksik shouted, "you wanna talk, let’s talk," as he walked toward his boss, court documents state. The CEO said he asked Oleksik multiple times to put down the bat, but he refused. The CEO thought he would get hit with the bat and said he feared for his life since Oleksik was blocking the only exit, court records state. Oleksik eventually cooled down enough to sit down with the bat in his lap.
[via SLT]