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CFO Gets Fired After Videotaping Himself Being a Total Dick to a Chick-fil-A Employee

On Wednesday, a bunch of people stood in stupidly long lines to eat unhealthy food to demonstrate appreciation for a company whose president expressed a personal opinion about gay marriage. Some idiots took this personal opinion and extrapolated it to the employees of a company, some of whom, no doubt disagree with Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy's opinion.

One of these idiots was a CFO of a company called Vante out of Tucson, Arizona. His name is Adam Smith. Apparently he thought he it would be neat to spend his lunch videotaping himself being a monster prick to a random Chick-fil-A employee who was just doing her job. A job that was made extraordinarily more difficult thanks to Mike Huckabee, who came up with the idea that people who also oppose gay marriage should eat at Chick-fil-A on Wednesday. So, really, we wouldn't be having this particular conversation if Mike Huckabee hadn't decided to encourage people to show support for a fast food chain that is complicit in the rapidly declining health of our citizens and has given millions to anti-gay groups

Anyway, back to the idiot at hand. Adam Smith thought he would "do something really good" on Wednesday by getting "a free water" at Chick-fil-A and well, here:

Of course this ended up on the Internet and this "nice guy" who is "totally heterosexual" and "not a gay in me" was fired yesterday by his company effective immediately.