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Accounting Entrepreneurs

Hello Fellow GC’ers, Please take some time from tick-marking your audit evidence to answer my question, and by all means, charge these next 15 minutes to the client. Anyways… I just started my career in public, and while going through 50 page GAAP checklists seems interesting at the moment, I’m afraid that in a few […]

High School Intern – EY

I’ve recently acquired an internship at EY as a high school student. I realize that I will probably be doing coffee runs most of the time, but what else could I possibly do? I’ve filled out many forms and talked to countless people at EY but no one has ever engaged me in a conversation […]

Big 4 background check – employment history

I’m going through the background check for the entry level auditing job next year.   I had a job for about three years between my undergrad and getting my masters that was unrelated to accounting. During that time, there was a three month gap where I quit my job, explored another opportunity at a different […]

Pricing for a new startup CPA firm

Wanted people’s advice so I can make price points for my new CPA firm which is located in New York. What’s a competitive price for accounting services for: Payroll services Bookkeeping Tax Prep Tax Consultation If anyone has information on good prices for these services for small clients with less than $5 mil in revenue […]

Taking over my dad’s cpa firm

I won’t lie, I’ve been very complacent during my time working for pops, with no idea of whether I would want to even take over his firm eventually. I know I’m quite fortunate to be in this situation and now need to take my career seriously for the sake of my future and significant other. […]

International Rotation Program or Transfer (Big 4)

Hello All, I was wondering whether someone here was able to participate in some sort of International Rotations in any of the Big 4 or eventually just transferred somewhere abroad? If yes, what was your experience like? What are seems to be the most desirable practices (assurance, advisory, consulting) and what types of the specific […]

Masters in X “Preferred.” How important are these preferred qualifications?

Hello, Getting curious about the job market lately and was looking through various “management-level” gigs in the private sector. All usually would have “MST preferred”… or something “preferred” on it. I only have a bachelors with over 5-6 yrs of work experience…have any of you “get in” without having the preferred qualifications? Also, another q, […]

Omitting Study Abroad Credits Above 150 Education Requirement

Hi Everyone, I am applying to take the CPA exam in New York. I have completed my education requirements, and have 165 hours. However, 6 of those were from a study abroad. Since I would meet the 150 requirement even without these 6 hours, do I need to submit a transcript from my foreign university? […]

Reverse Sexism

I was recently let go from KPMG.  When I asked a partner their thoughts on why I was fired, their response was “Because you don’t have a vagina.” Is their a legal course of action I can take?

How do you comment on articles now?

No, really. Where is the comment box? I had to Google “goingconcern login” just to figure out where the hell the login page is. How can the design be this bad? The Disqus login button is broken, by the way. And who thought eliminating thumbnails for profiles was a good idea? Would TheHorniestPartner have been […]

Transfer into Tax

I am currently at a B4 in their internal services department.  I am halfway through the CPA exam and should be done in the next few months.  My hope is to transfer to Tax once I have my CPA, and I’d prefer to stay with my current firm.  I have talked to a few recruiters […]

EY TAS or PWC M&A Tax for a JD/LLM

I am looking for a role in either the PWC M&A Tax or EY TAS Transaction Tax group. My current role is with a regional firm and I do solely tax due diligence/structuring on regional M&A transactions. I have been with the regional firm for 1 year. Before that, I was with Deloitte as a Consultant (3 years […]

EY National Training

I am an incoming first year Advisory Staff at EY. A lot of the blog posts and sites I have read about preparing for your first month or so talk about national training where they fly you out somewhere for 1-2 weeks with all the other first years and there’s a lot of team building […]


Hi Has anyone taken the Associate PRM exam? its a risk management exam that some firms like EY accept as a certification.  I was wondering if anyone has taken prep courses or has test banks they bought online. Thanks

PwC vs KPMG NY Advisory/Risk Assurance Practices

I have an opportunity to move from an internal compliance role (information protection/data privacy) to a consulting role at either PwC or KPMG. I’m leaning towards PwC due to a number of factors, but I was wondering if anyone here knows pros/cons of each practice? Any recommendations?

Audit switch to tax

Hi guys I am currently working as an external auditor for 1 years, I am in the decision making of transferring to tax auditor (compliance) department I wonder is my audit experience would help in the tax  compliance?

Becker Atlanta Intensive

Has anyone done the Becker Atlanta Intensive?  I am really having a hard time studying on my own after long days of work and am considering taking time off from work to do this course and pass the CPA in an intense, short period of time.  Please let me know your thoughts and/or experiences.  Thanks!

Soon-to-Be Graduate Needs Advice

So I am a senior graduating in May with my Bachelors. I am only 4 classes short of my 150 credits. My question is should I go into private (I have a job offer) and finish my CPA then move to public or should I accept an internship with a tech company (credit internship) and […]

Advice: Graduating college without a job lined up

Hi everyone, I am currently attending a university that is not heavily recruited by accounting firms. The only firms that recruit at my school are in-state. I would like to move to a different region of the U.S. after graduating next fall (2017, with 150 credits). I would be moving graduated from college and without a job. I am wondering […]

JD Salary Bump?

I know that there is a salary bump for JD’s coming into tax in the Big 4, does this bump also apply to audit and advisory? Also how hard is it to switch cities or service lines after a summer internship?

Big4 NY Interview – Potential Awkward Situation

I’m a 3rd year senior at a regional NY firm, I have an interview with a Big 4 firm next week. One of the partners I’m interviewing with is the AC chair on one of my clients. I didn’t present to the AC, I’m not sure if she knows my name, but she definitely knows […]

Advice for starting a CPA firm

I plan on getting a Master’s in Accounting and CPA within a year. I then plan on working for a big 4 for about 2 years. I plan to switch around employers a lot so I could get the most wide range of experience as I plan on starting a CPA firm. My dad is […]

Transitioning from staff to senior and senior to manager

What is the key to making these transitions? For example, what skillset should you be familiar with in order to become a qualified senior accountant? And what about becoming a manager? For example, how important is learning how to research accounting and industry standards in order to get a promotion? Do they hold your hand […]

Exit after Big 4 – Advice

I work for a Big 4 accounting firm and have just started a family. I have 4 busy seasons under my belt (2 as a senior) but have missed my 5th busy season (needed for a promotion to manager, where I was out on maternity leave) and so will not be promoted to manager this […]

Accepted Big 4 Offer – Do I really need a Masters in Accounting?

Hello All, I recently accepted a big 4  audit full-time offer and my start date is in the Fall of next year. The offer is contingent on me being CPA eligible. To be CPA eligible, I don’t need a Masters in Accounting, I simply need to have 150 credit hours. I finished my undergraduate degree […]

Advice for the 30 Extra Credits for CPA Exam

I am going to be done with my 120 credit accounting major after fall 2018 (finishing a semester early due to credit overloads) and I was wondering what would be the best option for the 30 credits required for the 150 credits. I live and go to school in Manhattan and I am in a […]

Switch to Big 4 or Stay Local

Brief background: Im currently an exp staff at a smaller regional firm in a big city. I got promoted from Staff after starting within 6 months, and was told i’m on track for another promotion if i continue receiving excellent reviews. I have 2 combine years in a consulting (National CPA firm) and IA (Large […]

Which one is better for my career path?

I have two full time job offers. 1. Tax Software Company – Tax Analyst -Develop and maintain an understanding of complex State and Federal tax concept ( specialize in Partnership). – Responsible for complex Federal and State projects, Trail Balance project; Coordinate work with other departments; Ensure and implement consistency standards; Assist in the design […]

Siegfried Group?

I’m looking for a switch from the Big 4 (roughly 5 years of experience)  and I’ve heard mixed things about the Siegfried group. I’m not sure I’m ready to go into industry and be pigeon holded into one specific role, and I was thinking Siegfried might be a good place to have a variety of […]

Deferring Big 4 Start Date

Hello, I interned last summer, 2016, at a Big 4 firm and was offered full time beginning in summer 2017. We have not heard on start dates yet, so I was curious as to whether or not I could defer my start date until January. Will even asking them about this come off as ungrateful, […]

Non-compete agreement

Hello All:   First and foremost, I wanted to thank everyone for the hilarious comments that are posted on this website. I enjoy reading the posts and blogs on this website. I have a question regarding a “non-compete agreement”. I recently accepted an offer with a small CPA firm. Eventually, I’d like to work for […]

JD Switching to EY TAS

Hi everyone, I wanted to see if you thought I would be competitive if I applied to EY’s TAS group (Transaction Tax – m&A) as a Senior. I have a J.D./B.S.(Finance)/and MTax Most recently, I have been with a regional accounting firm (1.5 years) as a Transaction Tax Specialist. I’ve done 6 buy-side deals. Before […]

Big 4 Partner Salary

So how much do big 4 partners really make per year? 400k? 700k? Is it worth it to stick around the 16 years and retire rich? Thanks

Next Move

Hi GC, Long time lurker, first time poster.   I wanted to get advice as to how to best approach my next career move.  I started in the Big 4 and stayed for 3 years.  My main focus was insurance clients, but in my first year I was able to gain brief PE exposure and […]


I transferred to a University of California from a community college fall of 2015 as a junior. I had a 3.8 GPA from community college with 90 semester units. That fall, I went through recruiting and got a Big 4 internship offer for the following summer. During my junior year I earned a 3.0x cumulative […]

Benefits in Industry

I recently received a job offer from an industry position that seems equivalent to my current role in audit. I wasn’t looking to leave, but this potential employer is a company where I would be very happy to end up. My question is about benefits. Currently, my Big 4 employer offers 25 days PTO, 12 […]

Audit Senior at Regional Contemplating Switch to Big 4

So I’m currently an Audit Senior 2 with a large southeast regional firm. Due to the unlikelihood of making manager this year, I’m considering jumping to the Big 4 after busy season. I’ve considered EY due to their larger assurance practice in this area and relationships with recruiters. I do enjoy the firm I’m with […]

Big 4 experience verification

Is it possible to verify someone’s work experience with one or more Big 4 firms? If so, who to contact, can you contact so anonymously, is there a fee, and how far back can experience be verified?

Is it common to start in industry, then go to public?

I am a recent college grad, May 2016. I was hired straight out of college to work in a staff accountant role for the bookkeeping sudsidiary of a small community bank. There’s no tax/audit work – mostly bank recs and cash-basis reporting for the bank’s mom and pop clients, with some internal work for the […]

Internal Audit – Panic under Trump?

I am thinking about applying to some internal audit positions, probably at one of the big banks, to escape Big 4 audit. But I’m having second thoughts based on the Trump deregulation plan. Anyone work in internal audit or have some insight into this?

Transfer to TS – Comp expectations

I am wrapping up my first year as a Senior in audit at a B4 and am considering switching to TS (internally or externally). Money is not the sole or primary reason I would like to transfer but it’s certainly relevant in the decision. For all the discussion on this board that I dug up […]

Applying to Big4 as Experienced Associate or Campus Recruit for Tax?

BACKGROUND I am graduating with my MST in Dec 2017. I went straight into the MST program from my undergrad (B.S. Finance and Accounting). I’ve been working at an Aerospace & Defense company as a “Tax Accounting Intern” for the past 3 years (PT during school yr; FT during summers/breaks). During this time, I have […]

Cost Method Investment – Intra-Company Sales of Inventory Treatment

Hi Going-Concern Users, I couldn’t find any guidance on how to treat the unrealized profit on intra-company inventory sales when the investment is accounted for cost method. There are lots of resources online on accounting treatment of the unrealized profit when the investment is accounted for equity or consolidation method. The unrealized profit is deferred […]

Millennial discrimination

Ed. note: If you have trouble submitting an Open Items, feel free to email it to us. This question comes courtesy of Big4Veteran: Does anyone know if it is legal to discriminate against millennials when making hiring decisions? Would millennials be considered a protected class (based on age) under the law? I would really like […]

Question regarding Big 4 Atlanta Tax Practice

Hi all, I had some questions about tax practice in Big 4 Atlanta office. If you could answer questions below, it’d be great. 1) If you had worked in Atlanta office, or if you are currently working, could you share how many people are working in Tax? (especially in federal/international tax groups) 2) What are the […]

Two Choices – Advice?

Ed. note: Another Open Item that came in from the weekend. Enjoy: I recently graduated with my masters and i’m a CPA candidate. I have a decision to make relatively quickly and i’m confounded. Both opportunities are really amazing, but i’m uncertain which route to take. Any sound advice is appreciated. 1. Offer from a […]

Big four wintern intern – am I ruining my changes for a FT offer?

Ed. note: This Open Item came in over the weekend while the site was dark. We’re working through a few issues with registration and publishing of Open Items, so until those are cleared up, you can send your questions to [email protected]. Hello Going Concern Community: I hope everyone’s busy season is off to a great […]

Worth sticking it out to become senior?

I started at a mid-tier firm right out of college and have been here 15 months. I will most likely be promoted in another 10 months (December 2017) but I know public accounting isn’t for me and I want to go private. I’m wondering if I should stick it out til I get promoted then […]

Does it make sense to go back to audit from tax?

I’ve been working in big 4 corporate tax (Australia) for 2 years now (doing tax compliance) and I am seriously considering moving back into audit based on a reassessment of my strengths and future career goals. Questions: It would be great if you guys could share some advice on these questions: 1) would it make […]


I am currently a junior and I have accepted an internship offer with GT this summer and I will most likely be getting a full time offer. I want to recruit again for the big four senior year, but I am worried about not getting any offers from them and end up with no job […]


Recently I have started a spring tax internship at a mid tier firm. I chose tax because I enjoyed my tax class at school and figured that tax would be a little more intellectually challenging/interesting to me than audit. In the first few weeks it has seemed like all tax is is just data entry. […]

How important is it to go to school in the city you want to work?

I'll be in an MSA program in Fall'18 and while I'm looking through my options I'm wondering how important location is to networking/offers. I live in Western Massachusetts where there are no B4 offices so I'm hoping to end up working in Boston. The program I'm looking at in Western Mass does have events for […]

Becker just updated and I take the exam on Friday…HELP!

So I was on a roll studying for my last section of the CPA exam when the Becker site closed for maintenance…unannounced. When I was able to get back in, the only materials available were in the new exam format. The chapters didn't align with my book or the fastpass couse that I just took […]

Burned Out

I have been with my current employer two years and feel it's slowly killing me. The reason I left public accounting was because I was tired of the hours and the office politics. However, I always felt that my co-workers and managers were very knowledgeable and worked great as a team. My current employer has […]

FASB Simplification Initiative

Over the last few years, the FASB has been touting its "simplification initiative" to make it easier for issuers to prepare the financial statements, and easier for users to understand the financial statements. But what I've noticed in almost every single one of these new accounting pronouncements and updates is that the "simplified" accounting/reporting is […]

Good Questions to Ask Potential Candidates during Career fair

I'm going to be doing Spring recruiting for my company and can't find much online on ice breakers or questions to ask from a recruiting manager's perspective.  Any ideas?  The pressure should be on them but just in case I get stuck with a socially inept student with no one else around ATM, I'd like […]

Law to Big4 – What am I qualified for?

I have an undergraduate degree in accounting, a JD and an LLM in tax.  I currently practice law at a small transactional law firm in the midwest (8 lawyers).  I have decided that I don't much care for the small town life and wish to relocate to an urban area.  The legal market in urban […]

Will my big 4 internship offer get revoked?

Hello! I am a senior accounting student at a Big 4 target school. This semester, I landed a core assurance internship with a Big 4 firm in Boston. I'm really excited to start working/starting my CPA prep. This semester, I decided to take all of my core accoutning courses at the same time (Tax, Audit, […]

Insider Trading Legal?

One of the big changes I'm hoping for under President Trump is the elimination for silly insider trading laws. Mr. Trump continues to tweet about individual U.S. companies, causing their stock prices to skyrocket or crash. I'm pretty sure that Mr. Trump, or his friends and family, are profiting from this bigly. Do you think […]

Employment with ex audit client

All, I was wondering what you guys think would be an FROR (financial reporting oversight role) at a company. I am leaving my firm to join a former (public) client of mine (participated in the FY15 audit, but not in FY16 audit which is filing next month). I am joining them in a IT audit […]

Full-Time offers

So I missed my opportunity to attend a big 4 (or top 10 in general) summer leadership conference last summer to have the opportunity to get an internship for next summer. Now I'm going into my last year of school hoping to be able to get a full time offer from a big 4 firm. […]

Will my Big 4 Internship Offer Get Rescinded?

Hello all, I received a Big 4 summer 2017 internship offer after attending one of their leadership conferences this past summer. My university does not offer an accounting major, so I am studying econonics. However, I am also pursuing two other degrees and actually on track to graduate a year early. The firm I'll be […]

What made this CPA go on a shooting rampage?

Meet Daniel John Jones, California CPA #82859 and inmate #AV7086 at California State Prison Solano, where he's doing 40 years to life. Last Friday, a California appeals court upheld Jones' 2013 conviction for second degree murder, ensuring he won't be out in time for 2017 busy season. How could it have come to this for a member […]

Big 4 Layoffs

There seems to be a lot of talk about Deloitte and EY laying off first and and second year associates across the South and Southeast.  Strangely, no much reporting or discussion though.  Anyone know whats going on?

Advice for a non-traditional student

I have a BA in a non-accounting major and am currently taking the prereq's at a community college to be able to sit for the CPA exam. Last year I started an internship at a tiny business management firm. I've learned how to work with Datafaction and that's basically it. I do a lot of […]

Advice for recent grad

Hi all, I finally completed undergrad and I plan to begin the process of obtaining my CPA license (submitting trsncripts, application and fees, etc.).  I don't have a job waiting for me and applied to many jobs  and a couple of internships thorugh indeed and LinkedIn.  I got one phone interview with a private industry […]

Larger Firm or Stay Put

I am 25 and am finishing up my first year as a staff accountant at a small firm (15 people total) in Kansas City. Once I hit the experience requirement I will have my CPA. Most of what I have done this year is in tax with a small amount in audit. They say I […]


Hey folks, I need your advice! I Passed the California CPA exam in 06/2016. I have a foreign bachelor degree in accounting and an acccounting certificate from UCLA extension with zero related work experience in the US. I applied to many entry level positions at public accountng firms ( big 4, mid sized and loal […]

Baker Tilly Ex-Partner Sues for Age Discrimination

Anybody know the inside scoop on this kerfuffle? The case is Paul Walter Pocalyko v. Baker Tilly Virchow Crouse, LLP in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, although it looks like the case is headed for arbitration. Pocalyko was a 54-year-old equity holder when he was canned. He claims his supervisor asked him, "How […]

Looking for Someone with Experience with Gramm-Lach-Bliley Act Compliance

I am looking for anyone with experience in complying with the Gramm-Lach-Bliley Act as the act applies to CPA firms. 

Partner Ethics – or Lack Thereof

I'm a senior at a top 20 CPA firm, the lower part of the top 20, up for manager next year. I work on roughly half public and half private jobs, all under the umbrella of financial services. All my private jobs are under one manager and all my public jobs are under a different […]

Big 4 accountants or auditors with ADHD?

Please refer back to the blog : ADHD in audit? JayCoiner    May 2014 This is a really honest account of Big 4 audit stress aggrevated by ADHD.  I have ADHD and have also worked in Big 4 audit, it is frustrating because you have the qualifications but paying attention on the job is next […]

Looking For Collaborators Who Are Strong On Tax Provisions

I write on taxes for and have written some posts on the misunderstanding that financial articles tend to create about tax provisions.  I'd like to go a little deeper and also discuss the earnings adjustments that major companies might have in the event of major rate changes next year. My problems is that my […]

Successful negotiations

Has any one successfully negotiated to increase their year end salary at a big four? Can you please share the story.

Tax Reform

With the elction of Donald Trump, we will now have a Republican majority congress and president.  Theoretically, we won't be subject to legislation gridlock like the last eight years and tax reform seems to be a very real possibiliy.  As a CPA who is heavily invested in tax  (about 70% of my billable hours), I am naturally curious […]

B4 Tax Services in Greenwich, Connecticut

Can anyone introduce a little bit about B4 Tax Services in Greenwich, CT? I know it is home to many financial service companies. And Starwood's headquarter is in Stamford, CT. 1. What are the sizes of tax teams in Greenwich? 2. What are sizes of the engagements in financial service and/or real estate? What client […]

What If I Don’t Know Anything? (Intl Tax)

I majored in accountancy as an undergrad, earned a MAcc with a concentration in tax at a top program, got my CPA license, and then started work in the international tax practice of a Big 4 firm's Atlanta office, where I've been for a little over a year now. I thought I'd feel more comfortable […]

Tax Intern at Mid Tier vs Finance/Business at Startup

Hey everybody, Currently deciding between pursuing a summer tax internship at a midtier firm or a financial analyst/business strategy internship at a Startup. for the startup I will be working under a CPA so this will give me the 1 year of experience to get my CPA as well.  If anybody has some feedback on […]

Big 4 IT Advisory and MBA?

Hey, thanks for visiting. I'm currently working in the IT Advisory department of one of the Big4 firms (as a Senior Consultant), and was hoping to do a part-time MBA. My aspirations are to work for an F10 IT firm later in my career at a managerial/senior position because frankly, I don't want to be […]

Haunting mistake

In the fall of 2011, I was about 19 years old, fairly new in college, and seriously confused about what I wanted to do in my life.  I got into an arguement with another classmate about a paper we were writing.  The arguement eventually escalated into a small fight, he "bucked" at me, I responded […]

MAcc vs Double Major

Hello, I am an Accoutning and Finance major at a small college in Kansas. I have accepted a tax internship offer with a mid-sized national firm for next spring. My plan was to do that internship and also do a summer internship with a larger firm (preferably Big 4). However, I was unsuccessful in obtaining […]

How to Handle a Mistake After Receiving Offer From Big 4

Ed. note: A conundrum from the Going Concern mailbag we’re throwing out here for the readers to answer. Need advice? From us or from anonymous strangers on the internet? Email us at [email protected]. To whom it may concern – I was recently charged with a DUI-D (driving under the influence of marijuana) in a southern […]

Independence & Roboadvisors

All – Has anyone have any experience with Robo-advisors and Independence. I know the big fours all have some sort of "broker feed" where it links up to your brokerage account, so they can "monitor" your trading activities.  Has anyone ever used the broker feeds with a robo-advisor (i.e. Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, Acorns, Betterment, etc.) […]

Small firm experiences?

Hi all, I'm looking for some advice about returning to public accounting in a small firm setting.  I graduated with a BA in Accounting in 2008 and have been a licensed CPA since 2010.  I worked as a staff accountant for a very small CPA firm (4 accountants) for 1.5 years and didn't mind the […]

Auditing Cash

Hello, I don't have much experience as an auditor, but how important is it for cash to reconile to the bank? I am working on an audit and note that our client hasn't been able to fully reconcile to the bank. The difference is below materiality, but above the trival threshold (can you put materiality […]

Thinking about switching jobs (debating between back office or FAAS)

I am debating between two opportunities right now and hope someone can give me some advice: – Back office role at a major investment bank – FAAS Senior at EY I am leaning towards EY because I would like to be on the revenue side instead of the expense side of my employer's IS. But […]

How to position myself over the coming year to pursue internships

So I'm a career changer (previous job was a literature teacher) moving into accounting as a graduate student. I just started my program this fall, and one of the things that I did was to promptly set to work finding an internship with an accounting firm. Long story short is that I did not succeed […]

Should I switch jobs?

I have taken an unconventional path to becoming an accountant.  Years ago I graduated with a Marketing degree and got a job in retail management which looked incredibly promising.  Unfortunately, I determined that retail sucks and after eight years went back to school to get an accounting degree.  Because I had a full time job […]

PwC Discover – What to expect

Those of you who have been..what it is really like there? Therapy? Kool-aid drinking? Debauchery? All of the above? 

EY vs PwC Phoenix Assurance

If offered a position with Ernst & Young and PwC in the Phoenix office, which one would you choose and why? From my knowledge, PwC is bigger and better on the global level. Locally, however, EY has a much larger market share. I love the people at both firms, which is why the decision is […]

Switching to Advisory

Hello all, I am currently set to do an audit internship with one of the Big 4 next summer, but I am starting to discover that audit is not the right career path for me, due to its irreconcilable conflicts with my personal values. I know that I am not interested in tax, and I […]

Where to go from here…

I am in the process of searching for my next job opportunity. I feel that I have done the same thing the last several years and there is not growth opportunities where I am at due to limited promotional opportunities for the next decade. I ideally want more diversification/travel/responsibility. With that I specifically want to […]

Small sweatshop to B4?

Good(?) citizens of GC: I've put in more than a year now at a small, minimum wage tax sweatshop in Northeast Ohio.  After battling QuickBooks, 1040s, and even a few 1120s, I obtained my CPA and progressed in salary from $30K to $41K. Now, the question is, would any B4 give me an interview based […]

Left B4 for mid-tier, did I screw up?

Hi Everyone, I recently left a B4 firm as an assurance senior for a mid-tier firm at the same position. While going through the interview process I was told that I would be working on larger clients and would not be working on Healthcare/NFP. I am in my 3rd week here and have finally gotten […]

Need Advice on Experienced Hire of NYC B4

I want to move to NYC and join one of the big four and I need advice on what I need to do to make it happen. I am a 2-year tax associate in a regional public accounting firm on east coast. I am not a senior yet, since my current employer requires at least 3 […]

Mid-Career Crisis?

Hello Esteemed GC contributors and commentators: I feel like I'm at a crossroad at the moment in my career and wanted some input from your POVs.  Sorry for the long post! Facts: 1. I've survived thus far without Big4 on my resume for the better portion of a decade in my accounting career here in […]

Where to go from here? Recruiting help.

I am hoping to receive some advice as to what I should do in my current position. I am a MAcc student at a large school that is consistently ranked in the top 40 programs. I was a pretty average student undergraduate (around 3.0 for both GPAs). I'm not super proud of my undergrad GPAs […]

Big 4 Holiday Time Off

Hey everyone- I will be starting a position with a Big 4 firm next month and was wondering what the holiday policy was at your firm around Thanksgiving & Christmas? Just trying to get a feel for the bigger firms, I currently work at a small firm and we have a pretty generous holiday time […]

I got final interview inviting email from PWC. Would you give me some advice?

Hi, Folks. I made a job offer posting a few month ago. Right now I work at Ryan LLC in Dallas office. I start work at here on last month, and I kept applying to BIg4 as entry level associate. Because I believe big4 experience will help me to build a good career path for […]

What’s the word on applying to a job at a client?

Just noticed a position that opened up at one my clients that I'm really interested in.  I've worked on this client pretty much the entire time I've been with my firm (just over 3 years), and not really sure what the risks/repurcussions are.  I don't interact with any of the individuals within this particular business, […]