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To Catch a Deloitte Audit Manager

Weren't we just talking about child pervs the other day?! We were! Well lo-and-behold, a tipster enlightens us to the sordid tale of 41 year-old Jeffrey R. Bainter of St. Louis who – according to his LinkedIn profile [ed. note: which has been pulled as of Monday but appears below]- has worked as an audit manager for Deloitte since May of 2011. Well that's not very exciting. But this next part is.

Last Friday, Bainter was arrested and charged with four felony counts of possession of child pornography and two counts of promoting child porn after incidents on March 4th and 8th that we still don't have details on. The more serious charges are classified as either 2nd offenses or are reserved for those in possession of more than 20 pics or "one film." We can only imagine one part of the transaction involved an FBI agent playing either a fellow kiddie porn hoarder or perhaps Estonian dealer of quality child porn from around the globe. Who knows.

Bainter is presumably out on bail as the St. Louis County jail in Clinton Clayton, Missouri confirms he is no longer in their custody and will not discuss pending charges related to an inmate no longer in their custody. St. Louis office managing partner Rodney Kirzinger – who was working late last night when we called! – referred us to Deloitte spokesman Clay Perschall who has not returned a voicemail requesting comment.

The most disturbing part about these charges, if true, are that he lists his LinkedIn interests as – wait for it – Cub Scout leader, youth soccer and baseball coach.

UPDATE: We have the LinkedIn profile for your reading pleasure.


Jeff Bainter