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Casey Poking Boehner to Like the Ex-PATRIOT Act

After the world discovered that Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin had high-tailed it for Singapore and wasn't interested in being a citizen of the USA, Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Bob Casey (D-PA) introduced the Ex-PATRIOT act. They did so in order to teach Eddie and other rich, tax-dodging Benedict Arnolds what happens when you bolt the RW&B to avoid paying your fair share of taxes. Not wanting to miss a perfect opportunity to pander to the richhunters while the torches are hot, Casey has urged Speaker of the House John Boehner to pick up his own torch on this matter:

“We must take action against those who capitalize on the advantages of United States citizenship, but abuse the system to avoid paying their fair share,” Casey wrote to Boehner. “If the expatriate has built their fortune using resources only available to them because of their United States citizenship, then it is only fair that they pay their portion of tax on future gains instead of simply renouncing the country that has made their success possible.” Boehner, in an interview with ABC News that aired on Sunday, didn’t close the door on bringing up the bill from Casey and Schumer, declaring it was “outrageous” for someone to ditch their citizenship for tax reasons.
The Speaker is holding out for now though, saying, "the United States already had a law to combat that sort of action," but if Casey 'Likes' Boehner's next set of golf course photos, then he'll give it more thought.