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Career Advice Needed

In a bit of a career pickle. Advice wanted.

I’ve been working simultaneously for my family’s nonprofit org as the de facto controller AND at my father in laws CPA firm (the only employee was me).

I am still studying and taking the CPA exam. REG passed and BEC this Thursday coming.

Experience-wise I have not done any audit work. Primarily done tax work and some compiling and 6mo or YE work for corporate clients. On the Nonprofit side, I was in control of the books for a 1.5M operating budget organization.

However, I just left this family business in pursuit of growing in my career and learning while wanting to make it on my own. (Left in November to study and get a job…my funds are running low, HAHA)

I believe I’m getting an offer on Monday from an outsourced accounting company. (only heard about the place because my friend knows the VP and sent my info there). The obvious drawback is that they are not a CPA firm and there would be no tax season work and definitely no audit work. The positive is that it may pay well and I can get some traditional accounting training and practice my skills. (I’d be a manager level there)

Also, on Monday and Tuesday, I have very promising CPA firms that want a “seasonal to hire” situation for tax season. The risk is that I may not have a job after tax season and I’m not sure the compensation would be as high. Just my guess there. But they would be CPA firms, and they are fairly small (8-15 people approx).

I’m kind of at an impasse because I don’t know what would be best for my career in the short term or long term. I have never worked in a traditional big 4 or accounting practice before and did not do my undergrad in accounting. (went back to school for masters in accounting).

ANYONE have this similar situation or any insight about what you would do or given some circumstance that would make one place better than another???

Again, I don’t officially have any offers yet. But I expect the outsourcing one on Monday and I feel better about the CPA firm interview on Tuesday.