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Can someone explain charge hour goals?

1. When you first start working at a firm, who gives you this information? Do they tell you outright you must get this many hours per year…or else….?

2. How can you possibly allocate your time efficiently and effectively when you typically don’t even know what jobs you will be scheduled for? Sometimes you won’t even know your schedule or what job you’re on until a few weeks or so before the engagement.
3. In order to obtain your goals, do you have to consistently ask Seniors, Managers, and Partners, “Do you need help with anything?” Or does the work typically fall in your lap because you are lucky or everyone just likes to give you work?
4. What is the Big 4’s time entry increments? By the minute? Every 15 minutes? 30 minutes?
These are serious questions I hope to get serious responses from. I am familiar with all these myself, but I’m interested in everyone else’s perspective as well. THANKS