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California Board of Accountancy Moves to Stop Incarcerated CPA From Providing Exceptional Client Service in Prison

Well, this lady is definitely going to have to find some other way to barter for honey buns and baby oil, as she won't be providing important financial services to fellow inmates any time soon:

The Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego, North County Division, has granted the California Board of Accountancy’s request to restrict a Solana Beach CPA from practicing public accounting pending the outcome of the criminal charges against her.

Christine Meyer, of Solana Beach, CA, has been charged with committing fraud and embezzlement, grand theft, forgery, and check forgery. Ms. Meyer is presently incarcerated.

CBA Executive Officer Patti Bowers says the CBA sought the order under California Penal Code Section 23 to protect the public as the criminal case progresses.

Ms. Bowers stated: “While the legal proceedings involving Ms. Meyer continue in this matter, it is our responsibility to protect the public. Although Ms. Meyer is presently incarcerated, the order prevents her from practicing as a CPA, either directly or indirectly, pending the outcome of her criminal case and I appreciate the hard work of Deputy Attorney General Carl Sonne to bring this successful result.”

As the Board points out, it's their job to protect the public. The public includes murderers, kid touchers, and thieves. None of which will be receiving advice on their financial condition from Ms Meyer.