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The CPA Exam Whizzes at BYU Accounting Can Wear Shorts Universally Now

Entrance to Campus of Brigham Young University.

With a recent change to the school’s dress code, the CPA exam superstars at Brigham Young University will now be able to wear shorts to class across the BYU system as long as said shorts are not “sloppy, overly casual, ragged, or extreme” and fit into the university’s overarching requirement of modesty. So no John Stockton shorts, undeniably one of the most memorable fashion choices of the 1990s however way too much leg to meet BYU’s definition of modest or anyone’s definition of modest really.

We’re a little late on this, only found out because of this txeet from @BYUSOA:

Being a person who probably violates the BYU honor code on a daily basis in just about every way possible, I had to look it up. This is from the Church Educational System (CES) Honor Code on Dress and Grooming Expectations, not to be confused with Dress and Grooming Principles:

  • Dress for men and women should:
    • Be modest in fit and style. Dressing in a way that would cover the temple garment is a good guideline, whether or not one has been endowed. [Ed. note: Get your mind out of the gutter, I know what you’re thinking] Accommodation may be made for athletic participation.
    • Be neat and clean. Sloppy, overly casual, ragged, or extreme clothing is not acceptable.
  • Grooming
    • Hair should be clean, neat, modest, and avoid extremes in styles and colors.
    • Men’s hair should be neatly trimmed. Men should be clean shaven. If worn, mustaches should be neatly trimmed.

A brief FAQ explains further:

Are there specific changes in dress and grooming now?
Yes. For example, students on each campus will be allowed to wear shorts, provided those shorts are in keeping with the principles and expectations given. As noted above, dress and grooming decisions should align with the Dress and Grooming Principles and Expectations, and application of these principles is not limited to the expectations listed. We are striving to create a culture that is consistent with the distinct religious purpose of CES institutions.

Remember, this is not promoting modesty, cleanliness, neatness, and restraint in dress and grooming:

Utah Jazz fans dressed like John Stockton


3 thoughts on “The CPA Exam Whizzes at BYU Accounting Can Wear Shorts Universally Now

  1. BYU students have been able to wear shorts for decades. The LDS church has several schools (not just BYU in Provo), and the shorts thing is directed at those schools.

  2. To be fair, BYU Utah has always allowed shorts. BYU Idaho just allowed them, but it’s not nearly the same accounting program as the Utah counterpart

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