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Bored CPA and JD/LLM

New to this site but I’m at a firm just outside of the Big 4 a few months out of a top LLM program. I make great money (relative to my coworkers) but I am bored out of my mind. I do absolutely nothing all day.

I realize things can be slow in the beginning but it’s been a few months and I bill on average only 5-10 hours per week. My group is somewhat small and managers don’t push work down (they instead just bill 45+ hours a week themselves)

What are my options? I feel like I’ve exhausted them within the firm trying to find something to do and I just waste time sitting around all day (despite them paying me as a third year senior associate pay for an entry level associate position). The managers also know this and I think they resent me for it based on a few comments and them stating they know how much I make.

I took a bit bit of gamble accepting this position over a Big 4 and I’m now realizing it was a huge mistake. Do I have any other options besides sitting around for a year or two and leaving for a Big 4/ law firm?