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Big 4 Firms Regularly Caught Cheating Worried ChatGPT Will Help Applicants Cheat

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Per The Telegraph, Big 4 firms across the pond are now “banning” applicants from using ChatGPT and its equivalents to help with applications because they’re afraid AI tools “will help them cheat the system.” The irony.

Big Four accountants have warned applicants not to use AI to complete applications or online assessments during the hiring process.

Job hunters applying to KPMG and Deloitte must now confirm they have finished online tests without external tools such as AI.

PwC said it is reviewing applications to check for activity, which “undermines the integrity” of its recruitment operation and will take action against rule breakers.

God forbid college students undermine the integrity of PwC by asking ChatGPT to draft a cover letter.

It’s not just the biggest of the big firms either. BDO, which is the fifth largest firm in the UK, has “strictly prohibited” the use of AI by prospective new hires.

The mid-tier accounting firm, which hired nearly 600 trainees last year, has installed plagiarism checkers that review phrases and paragraphs and cross checks them against typical AI responses.

Ah yes, the historically reliable AI detectors. Even ChatGPT’s owner warns against relying on those:

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, shut down its own AI detector in July after finding it had a “low rate of accuracy.” In a post on its website, OpenAI said “none” of the AI detection options, including its own, “have proven to reliably distinguish between AI-generated and human-generated content.”

OpenAI said it has incorporated feedback and is researching more effective techniques to identify text, audio, and images generated by AI. For now, however, teachers are left with limited options.

Just as students shouldn’t overly rely on AI chatbots to do their schoolwork, teachers also shouldn’t let automated services act as judge, jury, and executioner for a student’s work.

Universities Rethink Using AI Writing Detectors to Vet Students’ Work,” Bloomberg September 21, 2023

“Any violation of our assessment policy, including the use of unauthorized tools, will result in the disqualification of the assessment and potential removal from the hiring process,” said BDO.

According to a recent report, Big 4 firms have dramatically cut their job posting numbers in the past year from 1,996 in 2022 to 764 in 2023, a 62 percent decrease. Across all accounting firms in the UK this decrease is closer to 23 percent, still a significant decline considering demand.

So sadly it does appear they have the upper hand over there and can institute petty policies like these.

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