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Big 4 Boomerang?

Hey guys!

Hope your week is going well. Just a quick question to see if any Big 4 Boomerangs out there? I recently left as a tax senior to go to a smaller firm (top 20). At my old B4 firm we have pretty much back to back busy seasons. So I got burned out and the new gig came by, so far it has worked out and the culture is nice, much more laid back than Big 4. The only thing is I completely switched industry (private equity to retail) so they’re paying me as a senior but letting me learn to prep as well as reviewing. I missed being established though, having a routine and be the person that my manager goes to for stuff. Anyone switched back to big 4 just because you miss your peeps there and b4 way of doing things? But hindsight always 20/20. Maybe I should have talked to my old bosses and work out something but I was pretty unhappy. I don’t really have a peer as I’m the only senior now. I missed having a peer to bounce ideas off of. I’m three months in…I’m gonna give it a year before making a decision to stay or explore other options. I know it sounds stupid and shallow but I miss the prestige a little bit (yea I know… you can roll your ? lol) and also how established I was. I left before the fall busy season but I sticked out for a deadline post spring busy season. My old boss considers my quitting as “bad timing”. Maybe it was. Any advice to cope with the mentality and sanity? I feel lonely and don’t always feel like I’m fitting in. I was pretty close to the people at my old firm so most days I missed them. My biggest fear is public is public and it’s not really better and I’ve been sold just on lip service. My family said to give the new place a chance so I am definitely sticking it out for at least 1 year. It feels like going through a break up….just rambling so appreciate any thoughts.