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Beginning October 11, You Won’t Get Into Deloitte US Offices Without a COVID Vaccine

In a firmwide email today, Deloitte US announced that the firm is strongly suggesting its 113,257 people get their Rona jabs if they haven’t already, and should they not do so, they can expect to be shut out from Deloitte offices beginning October 11. The “no shirt, no shoes, no vaccine, no service” policy has already been announced for access to Deloitte University, and takes effect September 7.

You can find a discussion on Deloitte’s new vaccine mandate on Reddit here, and we have sourced the email in its entirety for you below.

The transcript of the email is as follows (I’m actually typing this out, please forgive any typos from these old, arthritic hands of mine):

Subject: Update on our gradual hybrid plans, as well as vaccine guidelines

US colleagues,

Thank you for your continued brilliant work during these unprecedented times. We recognize that the current COVID-19 environment is unsettling and continues to evolve; we are continuously monitoring the health situation and evaluating our relevant protocols.

As we previously communicated with you, the transition to a hybrid model will be gradual with no abrupt changes to the way we work. Where feasible, we will work to create more in-person opportunities for impactful connection after Labor Day, though this will likely be more gradual than we had hoped due to current circumstances with the Delta variant and the resulting decision by some clients to modify their own plans. To reiterate our consistent message, everyone should feel empowered to work in an environment that fits your comfort level, and we will respect your own workplace choices and preferences during this period as we all learn and adapt together. We appreciate the overwhelmingly positive response from so many of you to the way we are going about this.

In our last message, we also shared our expectations for vaccines, promising detailed guidance would be forthcoming as we evaluated advice from our medical advisors, examined governmental guidance, and monitored marketplace trends. The sciences and data are compelling that being vaccinated matters for ourselves, our colleagues, and our communities. Vaccinations, at this time, are the most effective means of reducing the spread of COVID-19 and substantially reducing the likelihood of serious illness. As reported in the press, the Pfizer vaccine received full FDA approval on Monday. Further, over the past several weeks, we have seen a number of clients, as well as several cities and states, impose restrictions on the ability of those who are unvaccinated to access offices and other public locations. The ability to participate in the broader business ecosystem will be increasingly challenging for those who are not vaccinated. We do however recognize that there are, on occasion, individual circumstances where vaccination is not feasible or likely.

With the above considerations in mind, we seek to achieve vaccination among substantially all of our people, while supporting the small proportion of our PPMDs and professionals who have circumstances that do not make vaccination feasible or likely. We are adopting the following policies:

Vaccine requirement for accessing US Deloitte facilities

We will require PPMDs and professionals to be vaccinated to access US Deloitte facilities. This requirement will take effect on Monday, October 11, which is seven weeks after Monday’s full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine. We will share details soon on how you will attest to your vaccine status on a secure Deloitte site.

We will periodically review our requirement as the pandemic evolves, and make any appropriate adjustments. For anyone not able to access our facilities, we will work to provide virtual options that enable effective participation wherever feasible. If you do not plan to be vaccinated and believe the inability to access our facilities will present a significant challenge for your primary job responsibilities, please reach out to your team leader, resource manager, and/or talent representative.

Also, as previously announced, for Deloitte University this vaccination requirement takes effect September 7. Please know that participation at any events or meetings at Deloitte University is optional based on your comfort level with travel/in-person events. Consistent with our DU vaccine requirement, we will require clients and visitors to acknowledge their understanding of our vaccine policy before entering our facilities via Deloitte’s visitor management system, D.Guest.

Guidelines for accessing client sites and other non-Deloitte venues

Our clients, and other non-Deloitte venues, will vary in their own COVID-19 policies. We will continue to comply with those policies, as well as any state or local requirements. For example, where a client or other non-Deloitte venue requires vaccination, testing, and/or masking as a condition for access, PPMDs and professionals must follow these requirements at all times. Conversely, if a client or other non-Deloitte venue such as a restaurant does not require vaccination as a condition for access, PPMDs and professionals may access the site regardless of their own vaccine status so long as they comply with all applicable protocols imposed by the venue. We will honor the choices of our people about whether they are comfortable going on-site to clients or other non-Deloitte locations such as restaurants that do not require vaccination for access.

Client leaders will continue to evaluate the health and safety protocols of our clients, based on our existing guidelines, and will communicate any client requirements with you.

Certain larger Deloitte-sponsored events, such as conferences, will be subject to the same vaccine access policies as we are putting in place for Deloitte University and our offices, this will be communicated for applicable events.

In closing

We strongly believe this update to our COVID-19 protocols is the right thing to do in the present environment, consistent with our unwavering commitment to place your physical and mental health and well-being at the forefront and to empower you to work in an environment that honors your personal preferences. As always, we appreciate all that you are doing to take great care of each other, our clients, and our communities.

It is our understanding that Deloitte is the first Big 4 firm in the U.S. to roll out a vaccine mandate policy, and we expect the other firms to follow shortly. Although the email doesn’t explicitly say “mandate” and does mention some flexibility with its new policy, it’s doubtful that the vaccine-hesitant will be allowed to work from home indefinitely, though we’d certainly be curious to hear what happens if someone attempts to use their vaccination status to avoid returning to the office. Quick, someone try it and report back.

19 thoughts on “Beginning October 11, You Won’t Get Into Deloitte US Offices Without a COVID Vaccine

  1. These frauds are ignoring logic. If the vaccine provides immunity, why are you worried about someone else’s status? If it doesn’t provide immunity, then what are we even talking about? Should I get a chicken pox vaccine even though I had chicken pox as a child? Don’t watch Event201 with Johns Hopkins.

    1. The COVID vaccines do not provide immunity to the virus. They substantially reduce the likelihood that an individual will require hospitalization due to complications from COVID.

      To summarize, we are talking about keeping hospital ICU beds open for non-COVID illnesses and traumas.🙃

      1. About half of COVID patients in the hospital have been fully-vaccinated, but thanks for regurgitating the evening news for anyone who may have missed it.

          1. Read the recent CDC report on the July 4th outbreak at Cape Cod Beach in Massachusetts. Hundreds of people were infected and nearly 75% were fully vaccinated. Of the people who were hospitalized, 80% were fully vaccinated. There was another recent outbreak on a Carnival cruise ship where 27 people tested positive and I believe one died. All 27 were fully vaccinated. The notion that this is somehow a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” as characterized by the Biden administration and his willing accomplices in the media is ludicrous.

  2. With this move by Deloitte I will never consider them when my company needs services from the Big 4… but the couple hundred thousand of revenue a year they won’t care about. The rest of Big 4 will follow suit too.

    1. What a courageous stance, “anonymous”. You have no company that needs services from the Big 4, nor any revenues to wield.

      Enjoy your vaccine freedom though.

  3. I work here and I am not taking it. I will work with lawyers if needed, I haven’t gone into the office since Summer of 2018 anyway, but to mandate a drug that is showing it’s not stopping transimission of it as well there are no peer studies available and big Pharma is not highlight those who have died from the shots or those who are seriously injured.

    1. The science behind the COVID-19 Vaccinations:
      Link on how the vaccine does limit transmission of the disease:

      Link on how the American Hospital Association published about one positive peer review back in May

      Link about The New England Journal of Medicine has Published 3 peer-reviewed trials one for each vaccine:

      Here’s a quote:

      “The New England Journal of Medicine published phase 3 clinical trial results for the Pfizer and Moderna two-dose regimens in December and February, respectively. In April, the journal published phase 3 data for the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

      All three “were peer-reviewed by multiple experts,” said Julia Morin, a spokeswoman for the NEJM, in an email to USA TODAY. “All COVID-19 research articles are published on an accelerated schedule and have the same steps as other articles: peer and statistical review, scientific and manuscript editing.”

      Concerning adverse and negative reactions. Read the tables! Read the data, this is just for Pfizer but you can find this for each of the vaccines. The positive and negative symptoms are being shared, they are transparent. The percentages of negative severe symptoms are low.

    2. Good luck with the lawyers. There is a lot of legal precedent that private companies can require mandatory vaccinations.

  4. No doubt the rest of the Big 4 will follow suit here and perhaps other firms as well. The ones who don’t mandate will be the net winners in the current war for talent – take that to the bank.

  5. Oh yeah, every one of these links screams “legitimate source”. Just the other day, I was wondering what was publishing about the vaccine.

    1. Yes those are not respected sources, but he’s correct. The FDA approved a vaccine called Comirnaty. In the document in which the FDA approved Comirnaty, they extended the emergency authorization for the Pfizer vaccine, so they’re not the same. Some people suspect it’s the same formula, but nobody is sure.

      It takes a lot of time and energy to find these source documents, but they often tell a different story than the easily-digestible news bites.

      This discrepancy will cause a legal problem for companies if they mandate vaccines, but in the future when Comirnaty becomes available, they’ll be legally allowed to mandate that (in my non-legal opinion).

      Back to September 15th work…

  6. Maybe some of us have kids that are too young to get the vaccine and we’d prefer that they weren’t exposed because some jagoff at work thought the government was using it to embed microchips? Or we have family members that are healthcare workers that are absolutely exhausted in every way fighting to treat ICU patients who thought they were too healthy for this thing to touch them? Or we’d prefer to not run through this whole rigamarole again in three months when there’s another variant because too many eligible people were too selfish to get themselves vaccinated?

  7. So glad I left the indoctrination of the Big 4. Deloiite won’t exist una couple of years.

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