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The Battle Royale of Busy Season

I don't need to tell you why March is such a great month, but I'll rehash anyway. There are universal loves like longer days and warmer weather, but for the public accountant, March marks a different kind of beginning that goes beyond saying adios to winter. March means that the trepidation of another busy season begins to recede. 

March is also, as you may have noticed, a time for brackets. Across the vast stretches of the Internet, all kinds of competitive tournaments with no utility whatsoever are being hosted so that those of us who give zero clucks about basketball may engage in the time honored tradition of filling out a 64-team tournament bracket. It's as American as electronics made in China.

And Going Concern is no exception, of course. This year we've asked public accountants everywhere to vote on the most irritating of Busy Season Problems. Once and for all, we will learn what Life, Health, Work, and Motley troubles plague the profession most.

We started round 2 today, so you best get caught up if you're just now learning about this all-important event.