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Back to Public Accounting? or Internal Audit? (from a mom)

Here's the sitch: I've done both public accounting (audit) and industry (sr. accountant) and can't decide what my next move is.  It needs to be audit-related.  

I'm considering going back into public accounting because I look back at those years with a certain amount of fondness – but it could just be my rose-colored glasses.  I worked with other professionals; it was challenging work; no two days were the same; built relationships with clients; clear ladder of promotion; regular feedback received on my work; and a real mentoring to make me a better employee/auditor in general.  Negatives were the long hours and travel.

The biggest issue with public accounting is the lifestyle (as it is for most).  I'm a mom to an 8-month old and married to a husband with a very busy schedule.  Eventually, I'd like to have another kiddo.  For this, I'm considering internal audit.  I still get to do the audit-related work, work/life balance is present, but all those other things seem to be missing: working with professionals, challenging/non-routine work, client relationships, etc.  But then again, I haven't done IA before, so maybe they would be present?  

Anyone in a similar life situation?  I feel like I have to sacrifice my career for my family, or my family for my career (which would make me an evil mom and prone to years of judgement).


Public accounting? or Internal Audit?  Talk me into or out of one of them!!