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#AuditorProud Day Hits the Trifecta


Has it been a year already? The third annual #AuditorProud Day is upon us and it’s building momentum. Last year, 115 countries participated posting over 14,000 tweets and 4,000 Instagram photos.

Kiwis got into the act early:

Who doesn’t love an overbearing campaign from a profession that needs to work on its image? Someone has to counteract the stereotypes that CPAs hide in a dark conference room ticking and tying workpapers, coming out only to eat and sleep.

Even this Big 4 guy from Miami thought that before going into public. Little did he know that’s only true during busy season. Maybe that’s why this social media event is held in September; auditors may be too bitter in the Spring and it’s smart to let the misery fade a little before encouraging lots of positive tweets.

But in all seriousness, the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) spearheads the yearly social media blitz to “celebrate the audit profession and its important role in our economy, and help raise awareness about the many opportunities and benefits of a career in audit can offer.”

And, some people are taking it seriously (leaving the sarcasm for us) and focusing on the merits of the profession: objectivity, teamwork, skepticism, tech-savvy, and purpose. And, did you hear? They’re starting recruiting even younger now:

If there are cake and punch (or kool-aid), I’m in.

And hey, just for fun, here’s Mark Weinberger, who’s technically not an auditor, in a Steelers t-shirt:

Orgullosa de tener grandes líderes en #EY #auditorProud

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If you want a recap for the last two years of festivities, check out 2015 and 2016.

Image: Center for Audit Quality