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Apparently a Few CPA Exams Were Incorrectly Graded as Failing When In Fact They Passed

Jeff at Another71 is reporting that his forums were abuzz over the weekend with word that some candidates who took FAR and REG exams in 2011 and 2012 were told they failed when they actually passed. This is huge and Jeff says it has been confirmed:

  • This isn’t a hoax. has confirmed that this did happen and steps are being taken to rectify the situation.
  • The errors were discovered by the AICPA in FAR and REG Exams from 2011 & 2012 and the errors involved Simulations
  • Some candidate scores resulting in a previously-failed exam were changed to a passing score
  • All candidates affected by this have been notified. If you haven’t been notified – you aren’t affected

If you have been affected by this and have questions, call 1-800-CPA-EXAM.

Please read the points he made above CAREFULLY before you flip out and demand a rescore. Affected candidates have already been contacted.

We spoke to NASBA to confirm this (no offense, Jeff, just pretending to be "real" journalists here) and were told that the scores affected are for FAR and REG exams from Q1 2011 to Q3 2012. The re-report was initiated by the AICPA, and as soon as it was discovered, they went back to determine which candidates were affected.

If you are among the candidates affected, please let us know or go hit Jeff's forums to share your story.