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Anyone Want to Talk About the Improved CPA Exam Score Release Timeline?

I should know better than to bring up this touchy subject but I'm only going there due to this email suggestion:

I'm amazed that the AICPA kept its promise and released scores on time. Perhaps that could make for good convo on GC. You could also talk about the new anticipated timeline for score releases. I don't clearly understand if scores will be rolled out or released a couple or few times per window.

If you're new to the CPA exam game (as in "this quarter" new), you probably have no idea how bad it was "back in the day" as in earlier this year when scores came out horribly late (admittedly, as promised months before) and continued to drag throughout the year. But we were told early this year to expect a brand spanking new score release system that would deliver CPA exam scores in batches. Truth told, most of the CPA exam candidates I spoke to (including the one above) had little to no faith in the AICPA to deliver on their promises and really, who can blame them?

Now that we're in the first blackout month since the new and improved score release system debuted, can we agree that the AICPA delivered on its promise? Except for the lone BEC guy who has been spamming NASBA's Facebook page desperate for his damn score, it looks like they've done exactly what they said they would. And even the BEC guy is to be expected, since NASBA warned that some scores in BEC might be delayed to a subsequent release due to additional analysis required for the written communication task. What that means in simple terms is that BEC scores may take longer because AICPA monkeys hand-score your fabulous writing samples and decide if they want to unleash your atrocious English on the profession at large.

What the AICPA essentially promised was that if you took your exam from October 1st – October 20th, you'd receive your score by November 3rd. Can anyone confirm that's what actually happened? I haven't heard any bitching (again, except for the guy desperately bothering NASBA on Facebook) so I assume all went according to plan. Keep in mind the estimate above does not include the time it takes for the AICPA to receive your scores, but without knowing how long it takes the ancient Prometric computers to transmit your exam info to the AICPA Mother Brain, it's hard to make an example. Forgive me.

So… any complaining to do? Compliments to the AICPA?