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ANR: Deloitte Announces Revenue, Headcount Growth; Those Other ‘People’ Who Don’t Pay Taxes; Tax Questions You Should Ask the Candidates | 09.19.12

Deloitte revenues reach $31.3 billion on Asia growth [Reuters]
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd, one of the world's "Big Four" accounting firms, said a strong performance in Asia helped push annual global revenues to $31.3 billion, their sharpest rise since the height of the financial crisis in 2008. Revenues in the fiscal year that ended in May were up 8.6 percent in U.S. dollars on last year's $28.8 billion, the third record year in a row. Deloitte said it continued to expand, hiring 51,400 people to lift its workforce to more than 193,000 and putting it on track to reach 250,000 by the 2015 fiscal year.

Some Big Corporations Don’t Pay Taxes, Either [Economix/NYT]
One driving force for tax reform is a widespread belief, on both sides of the aisle, that the statutory corporate tax rate should be reduced. That is fine as long as the tax base is broadened by eliminating loopholes. But the idea that cutting the tax rate is a magic bullet to jump-start growth is nonsense, because corporate taxes are, in fact, quite low.

10 Tax Questions the Candidates Don't Want You to Ask [TaxProf]
But if you end up in a townhall meeting with one of them, you should.

Harvey Schwartz’s Work Here Is Just Beginning [DB]
For anyone who thinks they've got the chops to be an investment bank CFO.

Zipcar CEO: ‘If You Don’t Have Passion For Your Job, Quit’ [WSJ]
Also, re: work-life balance: "This is one I’m not so good at. I’ve gotten much better. I carry at least two devices, if not more, every day. On weekends now, I just don’t carry them. I don’t want that distraction."

Rash of Late, Canceled Flights Buffets American [WSJ]
In case you've been a victim: "American Airlines has experienced a sharp increase in late and canceled flight in the past few days, as it starts to implement concessionary labor contracts approved by most of its unions and imposes cost-saving work rules on its pilots, who have resisted concessions. The unit of AMR Corp., which is in bankruptcy-court protection, canceled 5% of its flights on Sunday, and just 48% of the rest of the planes arrived on time. On Monday, 5.8% of its flights were canceled and just 39% of planes arrived on schedule. Tuesday's performance was similarly poor, according to data collected by, a flight-tracking service."

Florida Farmhand Busted For Lewd Donkey Show [TSG]
And he derides the haters, "Florida is a backwards state and people frown on zoophilia here.”

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