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ANR: al-Qaida’s Accounting for Expenses; The Game’s Tax Advice; Prepping for NYE | 12.30.13

Good morning, capital market servants. Since the next few days will continue the worthlessness of last week, we're not back to full speed yet. We will be tossing some roundups and year-end listicles your way to keep things interesting but won't be back in earnest until Thursday. Hope that's okay with you. As always, if something interesting happens out there, let us know. Thanks for your continued support of Going Concern.   

A look at al-Qaida’s priorities through receipts [AP]
All in a day's work for fighting infidels.

Multiple Levies on Digital Goods Targeted by House Bill [Bloomberg]
Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TN) has your back! “As technology advances, it is important that tax policies do not unfairly penalize consumers who choose to download digital goods rather than purchase their tangible counterparts,” Smith said in a statement as he unveiled his bill. “This legislation promotes tax fairness and ensures that consumers are not discouraged from purchasing digital goods.”

Game Offers Tax Advice To Rappers: Write Off Strippers, Sneaks And Medical Marijuana [Forbes]
Kelly Phillips Erb debunks The Game after he thought it'd be smart to answer tax planning questions from a TMZ reporter. 

Did Tenth Circuit Help KPMG Weasel Out Of Liability To Founder? [Forbes]
Discussing tax shelters may be a little heavy for the Monday after Christmas, but this article will be here when you're ready for it.

A Tax On Cycling: Too Steep A Hill To Climb Or Just Around The Corner? [Forbes]
It appears that Forbes bloggers, including our pal Tony Nitti, didn't take the week off like the rest of us. 

Bosses Learn Not to Be So #Clueless [WSJ]
Does anyone picture Big 4 execs? "Some firms are pairing individual leaders with young mentors, while others are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach the entire c-suite how to use social tools that most of their entry-level employees use without a second thought."

Stock up Asparagus and Other Hangover Foods Before New Year's Eve [Lifehacker]
We aren't trying to get back into the swing of things that much.

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