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An Accountant’s Thanksgiving Leftovers | 11.24.10

~ That’s it for us team. Have a great Thanksgiving! We’ll be back on Monday. That is, unless we get the locale for the PwC NYC feast tomorrow (pictures too).

Man Up When Called for Your Junk Pat-Down [Bloomberg]
You want your genitals left untouched or terrorists on your plane? You can’t have both.

Ireland Ushers In four Years Of Brutal Cuts, Tax Hikes [Dow Jones]
Will Irish eyes ever smile again?

UBS, Others Sued for $2 Billion Over Madoff Fraud [ABC News]
Irving Picard still has the most thankless job in the world.

States Slashing Film Tax Subsidies [Tax Foundation]
Somewhere, Joe Kristan is doing a happy dance.

CFOs Cool Their Heels [CFO]
Turnover is down for the second straight year.

Compliance costs rise for small business [CFOZone]
Sayeth the SBA.

Convicted felon hired to teach accounting at university in Missouri [AccountingWEB]

Lawmakers want IRS to make breastfeeding a medical expense [Healthwatch/The Hill]
Doug Shulman is being asked to reconsider the IRS’s anti-boobs stance.

Al-Qaeda Marching Band To Join Macy’s Parade After Incredible Audition [TO]
FYI – for those attending.