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AICPA Fails to Take an Adequate Dig at Congress in Tax Extenders Press Release

The AICPA "commends" Congress for a lot of things that it shouldn't, among them, dragging its feet on renewing the godforsaken extenders bill.

What's amusing is that every so often, the AICPA tries to get all high and mighty about what they've recommended Congress do, when they know full well that those legislative cretins will do no such thing. Observe:

The AICPA commends Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Ranking Member Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) for their leadership in acting on a tax extenders bill today that would restore more than 50 expired provisions in the tax code.  The AICPA has pressed Congress for years to provide taxpayers with certainty about the extenders, on which Congress too often doesn’t act until the end of the year. 

See what I mean? Don't waste your breath just because they took up a bill that will allow them to kick the can for two years. 

Congress is like the deadbeat husband who won't fix the hole in the roof of the house until raccoons infest the kitchen, there's a foot of standing water everywhere and thieves have stolen the flatscreen TV. Don't give those losers credit before the job is done, AICPA. You're not helping.