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Accounting News Roundup: Women Get Rich; College Is Worth It; A Lack of Controls | 06.25.14

To get rich in tech, become an accountant—especially if you’re a woman [Quartz]
This sounds familiar.

You need this [Twitter]

Yes, College Is Worth It, Another Study Concludes [AP]
From the Bureau of Things We Knew: "Those with bachelor's or associate's degrees earn more money over their lifetime than those who skip college, even after factoring in the cost of higher education, according to a report released Tuesday by The Federal Reserve Bank of New York."

Munger’s Publisher Found to Lack Accounting Controls [Bloomberg]
Daily Journal Corp. (DJCO), the California publisher that counts Charles Munger as chairman, was faulted by its auditor for inadequate accounting controls in a delayed report to the Securities and Exchange Commission. “The company has not adequately identified and documented sufficient internal controls,” Ernst & Young LLP said yesterday in the report for the fiscal year ended Sept. 30. “Monitoring activities are not performed by independent staff and therefore lack sufficient objectivity.”

You should be paying attention to this [Twitter]

KPMG has ranked cities by their tax competitiveness [KPMG]
Find your city!

SEC Provides Details of 5-Cent Tick Test [WSJ]
The Securities and Exchange Commission unveiled plans for a one-year test of trading in some stocks in five-cent increments after more than a decade of trading in pennies. The highly anticipated plan is designed to determine whether trading in certain stocks, especially less heavily traded shares, could be improved with a wider spread, or "tick," between the prices investors offer to buy and sell for.

Expert calls on SEC to crack down on Herbalife [NY Post]
Bill Keep, the business dean of the College of New Jersey and a trial expert on pyramid schemes, urged SEC chief Mary Jo White to conduct ongoing reviews of the growing MLM industry and recommended that companies submit their enforcement policies to regulators every five years. “I urge you to take serious the ongoing threat of unregulated behaviors by hundreds of thousands of MLM distributors affecting the lives of millions of Americans annually,” he wrote in the June 16 letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Post.

CPE event of the year – 4 hour ethics class featuring interview with Scott London [AU]
It's not too late to tune in.

We're going to pester you endlessly to take our Compensation Survey until you take it [SM]