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Accounting News Roundup: “Showdown Votes” on Taxes This Week; Are Accountants Adaptable or Not?; Some Brutal Honesty About Your Career | 11.30.10

Disintegration of the Big Four Audit Firms? As They Tell the House of Lords, “We Don’t See That on the Horizon” [Re:Balance]
Round 2 (previous comments here) from Jim Peterson, “The epitaph for the private delivery of audit services to the world’s large global companies was written in London on November 23.”

Democrats to Test Republican Mettle With Tax-Cut Vote [Bloomberg BusinessWeek]
Dems are feeling out the GOP this week with some “showdown votes” that may set the stage for many late nights in December. Ah, politics.

An Interview With WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange [Forbes]
A “major American bank” is next on the leaking block. Not sure if Vegas has handicapped this but Team Jehovah seems like an early favorite.

Google Is Said to Be Poised to Buy Groupon [DealBook]
All your cheap sushi and massages could belong to GOOG.

Former Quest Energy Exec Sentenced To 16 Years For Fraud [Dow Jones]
Former CFO David Grose received his sentence for three counts of wire fraud. Ouch.

MarcumStonefield Enhances Tax, Assurance Services and Quality Control with Key Appointments [PR Newswire]
MS appoints three to in-charge positions, “Nanette Miller has been named Partner-in-Charge of Assurance Services, Alan Griffith has been named Partner-in-Charge of Tax Services, and Michael Feinstein has been appointed head of Quality Control for all of MarcumStonefield’s offices in California and Hong Kong.”

Smart Year-End Tax Moves for Investors [WSJ]
FYI – just in case you don’t have the utmost confidence in the lame-o Congress.

Accountants are more adaptable than you think [AWEB UK]

Accountants are less adaptable than you think [AccMan]

Top 20 Inconvenient Career Truths [Forbes]
A favorite: “If you hate your job, it probably won’t get better with time. Sticking around because you’re afraid will only dig you deeper into the rut.” Also, “If you find yourself job-hopping and nothing ever satisfies you for any period of time, it’s time to look at yourself. Most likely, you’re part of the problem.”

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