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Accounting News Roundup: SEC’s ‘No Review’ Letters and Managing a Staff That Is Smarter Than You | 08.07.15

SEC ‘No-Review’ Disclosures Trickling Out [CFOJ]
An Audit Analytics study found that the Commission has issued at least 77 "no review" letters to filers. The purpose of which is to "further increase the transparency of our filing review program."

Miller Energy executives charged with accounting fraud [HC]
The SEC charged Chief Operating Officer David Hall and former Chief Financial Officer Paul Boyd with inflating the value of Alaskan assets the company acquired by $400 million.

Deloitte tech center on hiring binge in Central Florida [OS]
The firm opened its "information-technology hub" a year ago and have hired 700 people already. Also: "Although Deloitte has outsourced some tech jobs, the jobs in the Orlando market must be in the United States due to federal and state contracting rules, and some private-company rules that require all data services and jobs to be domestic." 

How to Manage People Who Are Smarter than You [HBR]
It seems obvious, but among the advice: "[Ask] a lot of dumb questions."

How to Keep Office Negativity in Check [FC]
Misery loves company. Too much can bring your team's productivity to a halt.

No phones on desks as KPMG spends $7m on agile workspace for digital age [SMH]
Meanwhile, Down Under: "The office are [sic] split into zones. If you don't want to be pestered, head to a 'focus' area. If you are wandering around in the 'collaborate' zones then you're up for some serious interaction. If you come up with a smart idea then sprint to a 'spark' area to quickly get your brainwave down on one of the electronic screens or whiteboards built into the walls."

Carly Fiorina Left Her Debate Remarks on a Hotel Printer [Time]
Hate it when that happens.

Image: "Carly Fiorina (13045502775)" by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons