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Accounting News Roundup: Resignations at Toshiba; Big 4 Serious About Legal Services Down Under; New PwC Managers Have Hot Date | 07.21.15

Toshiba Chief and 7 Others Resign in Accounting Scandal [NYT]
The resignations remove half of the company's board of directors. And I love how candid the CEO was: "I apologize from my heart to all our stakeholders."

Just Hearing Your Phone Buzz Hurts Your Productivity [HBR]
It's to blame for your lack of productivity: "[D]igital distraction has been dubbed, “the defining problem of today’s workplace,” and our phones lie at the heart of that.

Big four accounting firms push into legal services [AFR]
EY's head of legal services Howard Adams gives us another candid quote: "We're serious about this," he said. "The time is right for accounting firms to re-enter the legal market."

Who's excited about their date with BoMo?

This Graphic Helps You Pick Your First Programming Language [Lifehacker]
Just in case this post inspired you to take action.

Queen veers onto grass verge to avoid young family [Telegraph]
Old drivers, amirite?