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Accounting News Roundup: Rangel Routs Opponent in Primary; Deloitte Still Making the Rounds, Crying “Help Wanted”; 1099 Debate Continues | 09.15.10

Despite ethics cloud, Rangel easily wins primary [WaPo]
“Facing ethics charges in Washington and upstart challengers at home, Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) won a resounding victory Tuesday to keep the Harlem-based House seat that he has easily controlled for 40 years.

Rangel, the ousted Ways and Means Committee chairman who has been charged with 13 counts of violating House rules, ran an aggressive campaign for the Democratic nomination, betting that the people who have known him longest – voters in the 15th Congressional District – would send him back to Capitol Hill with a political victory before the House ethics committee tries him later this year or early next year.”

Deloitte Will Hire 250,000 over Five Years: Across All Regions, Businesses and Levels of Experience [FINS]
Jim Quigley is still making the rounds since Deloitte announced their revenues for FY 2010 on Monday but more surprisingly, the 250k jobs over the next five years number hasn’t been corrected. Call us party poopers but adding the entire city of Lexington, Kentucky to your workforce in half a decade seems a tad ambitious but whatevs.

Anyway, FINS ran Quigs down and Julie Steinberg informs us “Deloitte is looking to hire in all regions, but it expects growth in priority markets like China and India,” which means you might think about picking up some Rosetta Stone. JQ is also quoted saying those that are “internationally-oriented, diverse in background and skill sets, and have strong teamwork skills,” will make the best candidates.

Obviously Chris Dodd Didn’t Realize He Was Referring To Himself At The Time [JDA]
“Apparently Chris Dodd is a little butthurt about the idea of an Elizabeth Warren-led consumer protection bureau, as he well should be. Who exactly do you think she would be there to protect the consumer from? Scandalous pricks like Dodd who think backdoor deals are notches in the belt of a good political career. What scares him? Warren doing more than terrorizing small financial institutions like a good little consumer protection bitch would? Surely he’s smart enough to wipe his own bloody footprints off the floor before slinking off, why is he so afraid of this suggestion and why wasn’t he smart enough to write his fucking bill so it couldn’t?”

ICAEW chief says audit quality remains strong [Accountancy Age]
The Brits are pretty pleased with how the auditing is going, despite what the Audit Inspection Unit’s report says. So much so, ICAEW Chief Michael Izza blogged about it, “The most important message to be taken from the work of the AIU is that there are no systemic problems with the quality of audit of UK listed companies, nor in the processes followed by the firms who carry out these audits.”

Wallace book about IRS office coming out April 15 [AP]
The next novel, “The Pale King,” from late David Foster Wallace will bet set in an IRS office and will be released April 15, 2010.

Why Congress Shouldn’t Tax 1099s [The Atlantic via Tax Update Blog]
“[N]o one is suggesting that this law will do much of anything to close America’s ‘tax gap’ (the gap between what the IRS thinks taxpayers should pay, and what they actually do). The tax gap is almost $300 billion; the new law would reduce that by perhaps a half a percent. “

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