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Accounting News Roundup: ‘Not Training Bookkeepers’; Too Much Golf; Laundering Money | 05.20.15

Yahoo Affirms Spinoff Plan as IRS Comments Trigger Share Slump [Bloomberg]
Keep your pants on: "[Marissa] Mayer said efforts to complete the spinoff are on track. 'It’s a surprising amount of work.' "

Management Accounting Skills Found Lacking in Entry-Level Talent [CFOJ]
Following up on yesterday's story, the Journal discovered that BYU is, "definitely not training bookkeepers."  

Proof! CEOs hurt companies by golfing too much [CNBC]
Researchers from the Universities of Tennessee and Alabama tee off in a news study: "[I]t found that executives who use their time to lower their handicaps also often lower their firms' returns. ( Tweet This ) The study also concluded, not surprisingly, that these same executives who play more often than their peers are more likely to lose their jobs."

PwC US Appoints Stan VanderToolen Managing Partner of the Salt Lake City Office [PwC]
Succeeding David Cook (whose future is oddly not mentioned).

How to launder $300,000 [r/accounting]
Asking for a friend, I'm sure.

Academics are using emoji to explain their research [Quartz]
This could do wonders for accounting PhD candidates.