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Accounting News Roundup: Non-Audit Services; Brutal Work Competition; Internal Auditors Suck at Tech, Too | 08.18.15

Non-Audit Services Fee Cap: How Would U.S. Companies Measure Up? [Audit Analytics]
Pretty well, actually! Audit Analytics found that fewer than 200 companies in the Russell 3000 exceeded the 70% threshold. 

Work Policies May Be Kinder, but Brutal Competition Isn’t [NYT]
In my imagination, a clever NYT editor's first suggested a title of: "People Trying to Get Ahead Work Too Much."

BOE Analyzes Twitter, Discovers Minnesota Vikings [MB/WSJ]
Not exactly surprising: "What the analysts discovered is that people don’t tend to use Twitter to voice fears regarding bank runs."

IIA Reports Calls Internal Auditors to Better Leverage Technology [CW]
You're not alone external auditors!

FASB Purchase Price Accounting Change Should Reduce Cost and Complexity [AT]
For private companies, anyway. The alternative intends to make acquisitions less painful by allowing certain, hard-to-value intangible assets to be treated as goodwill.

Sword-Swinging Robber Runs Up Against Store Owner With Bigger Sword [Gawker]
Essentially, it's the "That's not a knife," scene from Crocadile Dundee.

Image: Gnangarra/WIkimedia Commons