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Accounting News Roundup: McGladrey Will Be RSM; Texas Wants GE; Car Dealer Suing Deloitte Over Saturn | 06.11.15

McGladrey to Strengthen Market Position by Adopting RSM as Global Brand Name [McGladrey]
RSM goes official on October 26th. 

GE Wooed by Texas After Home State Connecticut Increases Taxes [Bloomberg]
The company has formed an exploratory committee to weigh its options. That's all the encouragement Texas needs.

Uber Reached Out to CFO Prospects [CFOJ]
Namely, Bob Swan at eBay who turned the job down, telling Uber, "he was busy." 

Lionel Messi faces tax fraud trial after appeal rejected again [BBC]
A Spanish court is not amused with Messi's claim that he didn't know what was going on with his finances.

Ex-Controller Testifies He Altered Dewey Accounting Records [WSJ]
Thomas Mullikin said that in January 2009 he and people in his department needed a way to boost 2008 revenues by $25 million so they "used fraudulent adjustments to get the numbers where they wanted them."

Florida Dealer Still Pissed About Saturn Sues GM's Auditing Firm [Jalopnik]
And since Saturn isn't around any more, car dealer Bob Goodman figured Deloitte & Touche could take some blame: "As a wholly-owned subsidiary of GM, Saturn did not reveal its earnings or losses until they came out during the bailout. But Goodman’s lawsuit argues Deloitte & Touche knew through an audit Saturn was failing as early as 2005, but didn’t disclose this information to dealers."  

Paying Student Loans Is Hard. Do It Anyway. [BloombergView]
Megan McArdle wants you to bootstrap it.

San Diego cops bust major Lego theft ring, $100K worth of toys stolen [ABC]
They should be sentenced to walking through a room blindfolded, boobytrapped with Legos on the floor.