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Accounting News Roundup: Auditors Lobbying on Accounting; Blaming Intuit for TurboTax Fraud; Pushing the Limits on ‘Business Casual’ | 02.12.15

Auditor Lobbying on Accounting Standards [Working Knowledge/HBS]
Some light academic reading on auditor lobbying. From the Executive Summary: "In a study of the role of major auditors in the accounting standard-setting process, the authors provide a systematic characterization of auditors' changing incentives. They also examine how those incentives influence auditor lobbying across nearly every financial reporting standard issued from 1973 through 2006."  

Deloitte is first of ‘Big 4′ accounting firms to name a female CEO [WaPo]
More on Deloitte and Engelbert: "While Deloitte's percentage of female partners is not significantly higher than that of other top firms, the company has been the first to break several high-profile diversity barriers in the past, such as appointing a female board chairman and a minority CEO."

Former accountant imprisoned for not paying taxes on embezzled money [WSAU]
Rebecca Hoff probably should've known that income from illegal sources is still taxable.

Why TurboTax Fraud Is Intuit's Fault [Inc.]
Perfect! Now you have someone to blame it on.

Seems to be bordering "casual."