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Accounting News Roundup: Lumber Liquidators’s Interim CFO; Daily Auditor Independence Queries; Showing Trust in Interviews | 05.12.15

Verizon Communications to Buy AOL for $4.4 Billion[Bloomberg]
Okay Verizon, we can hear you now.

Outside Auditors Get Asked In [WSJ]
Lumber Liquidators hired former EY Senior Manager Greg Whirley as its interim CFO. He worked on LL's audit as recently as September 2013. 

SEC Receives At Least One Audit Independence Query Daily [CFOJ]
And the Division of Enforcement plans to "stay focused on" it.

Main Street Portfolios Are Investing in Unicorns [DealBook]
Andrew Ross Sorkin is worried: "The good news is that investors across a broad range are able to invest in these pseudo-private companies, democratizing, to some degree, the investment process. The bad news is that should the bubble pop, these investors have already bought shares in the companies at sky-high valuations. And these people may not even realize it."

How to Show Trustworthiness in a Job Interview [HBR]
One word: warmth. 

Your Accounting Costs Are Too High And You Can Fix That [Forbes]
Robots are replacing you!

Every day this week is a palindrome [Mashable]
Through next Tuesday.