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Accounting News Roundup: Life Changing Financial Statements; Lots of Lobbying; Bad Thought Leadership | 04.16.15

Three Ways Accounting 1 Changed My Financial Life [TE/WSJ]
Income Statement; Balance Sheet; Cash is King. Hard to disagree.

A Good Corporate Accounting of Social Costs Is Needed [RFD/NYT]
Jean Rogers, CEO of the Sustainability Standards Board writes, "we need accounting standards for sustainability factors such as energy consumption, fair labor practices, data security and supply chain management. Sustainability accounting involves defining metrics that fairly represent a company’s performance. These are the standards that our board is providing."

America’s Most-Wanted Swiss Bankers Aren’t Hard to Find [Bloomberg]
Jesse Drucker talks to them: "I recently traveled around Switzerland, following the trail of indicted advisers and their colleagues. Some expect to spend the rest of their lives in the country, fearing arrest if they leave. Many complain that their superiors got off while they’re stuck in a state of Roman Polanski-type legal limbo. Still others hide behind locked doors."

Tax and Accounting Groups Spending Heavily on Lobbying [AT]
H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, the AICPA, and the National Society of Accountants have spent $35 million lobbying Congress since 2011.

How Accounting Firms Waste Time And Money On Thought Leadership [Forbes]
In short: everyone produces unoriginal content and the good stuff doesn't get disseminated well.

Happy National High Five Day! [USAT]
Look at the elbow, look at the elbow, look at the elbow.