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Accounting News Roundup: KPMG Buying Beacon Partners; Fantasy Sports Winners and Taxes; An IRS Serenade | 04.13.15

KPMG to Buy Health-Care Consultant Beacon Partners [WSJ]
Beacon provides consulting services to health-care providers, hopsitals and physician groups. The firm has $60 million in annual revenues. 

Tax experts warn fantasy sports winners [CT/RedeyeChicago, Earlier]
Perhaps a niche service line for your startup firm.

Tips for those caught cash-short for April 15 [Tax Update]
Joe Kristan runs through the options.

Cops: Robber Carried Bag With Dollar Sign [TSG]
According to a police report from Olympia, WA, 20-year-old David Lingafelter had robbed at Subway restaurant of $100.

And now, this [LWT, YouTube]