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Accounting News Roundup: Jerry Brown Is Bringing the Pain; Who Resolved to Improve Time Management?; Pet Airways Names CFO | 01.04.11

Brown Says Calif. Budget He Proposes Next Week Will Be `Painful’ [Bloomberg]
Jerry Brown said the budget he’ll propose as California’s new governor, 36 years after he first stepped into the job, will be “painful.” Brown, 72, a Democrat who served two terms as governor from 1975 to 1983, faces a self-described “day of reckoning” over a $28 billion budget gap that promises battles with lawmakers, unions and investors threatening to shun the bonds of the most- indebted state. “The budget I present next week will be painful but it will be an honest budget,” Brown said at his inauguration today in Sacramento, the state capital. “It is a tough budget for tough times.”

Loud Noise Likely Caused Birds’ Deaths in Arkansas [WSJ]
Can we get an auditor up in this mofo? The Times had the number of red-winged blackbirds at “more than 4,000” but now the Journal reports, “Between 1,000 and 5,000 birds died during the incident, which happened in Beebe, a town northeast of Little Rock.” Is there not a single human capable of getting a hard number of dead avians in all of the Natural State. We realize it involves counting but come on.

Time Management for Young Professionals [AW]
Admit it, this was your resolution, wasn’t it?

Coast Guard CFO takes blame for $138M in misspending [FCW]
Awfully big of you boss, “The Coast Guard’s chief financial officer is taking sole responsibility for the apparent misuse of $138 million despite federal auditors’ assertion that other Coast Guard officers and executives also ought to be considered responsible, according to a report.”

Skype 5 beta is horrible [AccMan]
An unmitigated review.

IRS pursues ‘Little Fockers’ star Teri Polo [Tax Watchdog/Detroit News]
Paying the $450k owed should be a snap now.

IRS forced to put some tax filings on hold [On the Money/The Hill]
Attention homeowners: “The Internal Revenue Service announced in December that it needed to reprogram some of its processing systems after a few provisions were extended during the recent lame-duck session — meaning that some taxpayers will have to wait until mid- to late February to file their returns. Taxpayers who itemize their deductions on a Schedule A form are among those who will have to bide their time before filing. (Itemized deductions include, among other things, charitable deductions and mortgage interests.)”

Pet Airways Appoints Andrew Warner as President and Chief Financial Officer [PR Newswire]
Yes, the company does what you think it does.

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